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Auto Reviews in the El Paso Area

  • Thanks for the great service Maggie

  • JohnreviewedTop Techs Garage

    Very disappointing the service from Top Tech, I trusted them twice and... read more Very disappointing the service from Top Tech, I trusted them twice and was let down, asking them to fix the stop engine light, and what ever it needed, payed good money, it came out that the light was still on, I was not using the vehicle that often because of illness. Took back to them, that wanted to say it was something else for the same problem, told me they would make it good and then charge me again, well the stop engine light came on again the same diagnostic and now it seems that want to charge again and say it something else. my trust in them went out the window, be careful. this all happen in less than a 90 day window!

  • JordanreviewedCharlys Body Shop

    After a head-on collision, one of their "scouts" saw me post-accident ... read more After a head-on collision, one of their "scouts" saw me post-accident and would not stop harassing me about choosing their services, to which I reluctantly agreed. They promised me my vehicle would be fixed exactly a month later. As soon as I get the paycheck from the offender's insurance, I gave them the full check (~$7,000), and they argued with me that that was NOT the full amount, and they expected another couple hundred out of my own pocket. After pointless rebuttals and arguments with the front desk clerk, he snarled and told me to go away. After 30 torturous days, I called them and one of their workers named "Noel" kept saying they were sorry because other cars had unexpectedly rushed in, so I agreed to give them another week. Three weeks went by (with no calls nor messages from them), so I decided to pay them a visit. As soon as I get there, I see my car in the same spot that it was in when I left it 2 months ago, with the workers horsing around inside, laughing while chasing each other with dirty rags and beers in their hands. After I threatened to retract my insurance paycheck and go else where, they said they would have the car ready for me in one week. Come a week later, it was finally running. But it was obviously rushed. The air conditioner was in perfect condition when I left it, and now it takes 5 minutes to get it turned on. The paint job was the worst I've seen. Air bubbles anywhere I look, and the custom spoiler I had installed was ripped off. TL;DR: I get harassed into accepting their subpar services, only to be inconvenienced and pay more money than was intended. After I threatened to take my money elsewhere, they rushed my car, leaving the paintjob looking the worst I've ever seen and the car system deficient WITH my custom modifications ripped to shreds. 0/10, PLEASE...DO NOT EVEN THINK about coming here.

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