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Auto Reviews in the El Paso Area

  • I purchased an older model BMW which began giving me trouble about a y... read more I purchased an older model BMW which began giving me trouble about a year and 2 months after I bought it. I decided not to take it to BMW of El Paso due to trust issues I had previously with them. I searched the web and found Moroni BMW specialist. God's sent if I may add...he's the most professional, honest and truth worthy person on the phase of the earth! He can diagnose the vehicle just by giving him the symptoms. As long as I have this car he will be my BMW specialist, I will not take the car elsewhere but to Moroni.

  • JohnathanreviewedMoroni BMW Specialist

    After almost a year of both personal and professional relationship, I ... read more After almost a year of both personal and professional relationship, I Cannot in good faith recommend this shop. In the beginning all was good. I initially went in there to have my car lowered, which they did and did not even charge me. I thought cool. So i returned the favor with some fab work. I returned months later, happy with my initial experience for an oil change. This however went bad, from the beginning. They had their son change the oil and i thought all was good. I pay and leave. I get about 1/2 mile away and my engine starts to smoke. So i go back. Turns out their son left my oil cap unscrewed. No harm no foul. Topped it off and away i went. Get home only to have coolant flowing all over my driveway. Turns out that coolant cap was also left open. His son did make a personal stop to top it off and fix the issue....i thought great customer service. WOW!! Not the case though. Eventually my rear Airbag go out and needed to be replaced. I order a new set. And they install them. Somehow my Air compressor magically go bad during this process. I order a brand new one. It gets there and that one dosent work. So that one is sent back and an new air compressor is sent in its place. All in all it took 6 weeks to change 2 air bags and a compressor not to mention the almost 2k in labor charges they got me for. I will be honest and admit that 2 weeks of that time was spent waiting on parts, not their fault. But it still stood there another whole month. And to top it off i was deployed, so i asked for the parts removed to be save and put in the trunk...needless to say that never happened. Not to mention that the car was promised to my wife a dozen times, that is when they would answer her call. Cesar would just tell her what was needed to get her off the line and not address her concerns or questions. Last and final straw was when i left the vehicle there while i was on Vacay to have an insurance claim taken care of. I blew a tire, lost control and high centered my car on a center median. Minimal plastic damages, nothing major. We spoke and agreed on parts to be ordered by them, a camber kit, on top of the other needed parts from insurance claim. All was good...I was specifically asked by Jennifer "are you authorizing me to order parts"? to which i replied Yes, of course. This way they can work on my car while i was gone. After a week of being gone i get a call from Ceasar saying that the camber kit had not been ordered because they just paid rent , bills etc etc. I call back and speak with Jennifer. She informs me that no parts were ordered at all, since i did not pay for them before i left, even though that was not the agreement we came to. The agreement was i would pay in full upon pick up just like any regular body/ service shop. Who pays the insurance claim up front without any work being done??? Never ever have heard of that, but thats what they expected. All in all, im saddened to say that i would not send anybody i know here in the future. Moroni has a lot of knowledge, he knows his stuff. But theres no real certified mechanics in that shop, everybody works under his supervision. Its a family business and no one is heal accountable when mistakes are made. Blame is always solely placed on the customer. And i know this to be true from talking with them on a personal level. Yes you can get some discounted work on certain items but you will be sacrificed in other areas. Oil changes and other fluids are comparable to dealer pricing. Unfortunately his support staff does not have their customers, or their customers best interests at heart. STAY AWAY, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Unless you like to waste your time and hear endless excuses !!! Garbage way to do business but unfortunately this seems to be the normal business model here in El Paso.

  • Complete perfect repair with no issues. Had it done right the first ti... read more Complete perfect repair with no issues. Had it done right the first time. They worked with my insurance company no troubles.

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