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Auto Reviews in the Dallas Area

  • NicholasreviewedVIP Auto Care Dallas

    These people are scum. They are dishonest. They regularly post ads on ... read more These people are scum. They are dishonest. They regularly post ads on craigslist lying about 'free towing' with repairs. I was charged twice for towing, even with a $2700 invoice! What they DON'T mention in these ads are the hidden fees, how they will TAKE YOUR TITLE and hold it as a ransom so that you'll either be forced to pay their high prices(including issues that they 'magically find' later, so that they can charge you more), or you'll lose your care. The idiots that work there...they will lie to you right in your face. They are rude and use bully tactics to scare customers. Their communication is poor, I always had to call them to see if my then car was fixed. Once I called and the 'finance agent' made up a lie saying my car wasn't ready because it was being 'test driven'. When I finally got the car after being 'fixed' and it died 10 minutes later, she said the car was never test driven, they simply got the car to start...who does that? The owner avoided me and my calls after that, leaving me to deal with his meathead tow guy/mechanic who was just as bad, assuring me that he'd work with me if I took down my negative bbb review and/or admit the problem was on my end...which I foolishly did even though I knew this place was full of it. I asked if my car was good, he assured me it was, only for me to pay $416 the next day and as soon as I got in the car, I saw a check light and the gas gauge(which they refused to fix, despite initially saying everything was good with the car!) didn't work, leaving me to guess how much gas was in the car! I was charged a bogus $95 diagnostic, when I asked why the car still has a check light and why the battery light came on when it stopped the tow guy/'mechanic' told me he didn't know what caused can you charge people for something you don't know how to fix? Read the reviews, ALL of them are negative. The only 'positive' reviews this ripoff place has are on are google, and they're obviously 5 star fake ones that read like an advertisement instead of being from an actual person. These people aren't honest, they actually had the nerve to flag my facebook if they haven't messed me over already. Speaking of facebook, like how they post fake positive reviews on google, the people that like their facebook page actually work there! Too gutless to admit their own mistakes, lying on me when they finally gave me an invoice(that's AFTER I paid $900 and gave them my title!) saying I 'refused' mechanical repairs, lie after lie(they all lie), inflated prices, the owner told me over the phone and in person several times that specific issues with the car would be fixed, but he did nothing. What they tell you and what they actually do are 2 different things. They give you verbal commitments, while they'll lie on you on paper to protect themselves. This is why if you don't know about cars, you don't go to a place like this period, especially on your own, because they aren't honest. The awful tow guy that took my car had the nerve to ask me to bring him the key. DO NOT GO HERE. YOU WILL BE WALKING! Save your hard earned money and get a car with a warranty, take a bus...just don't go here.

  • DO NOT GO HERE ANYMORE!!!!...STEPHANIE IS A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!! new ... read more DO NOT GO HERE ANYMORE!!!!...STEPHANIE IS A MONSTER!!!!!!!!!!! new management and new attitude....a bad one!!! Stephanie at the front desk has the worst customer service skills. She forgets she isn't working the streets anymore I guess. Her attitude is rude and unprofessional. Apparently her exhusband allowed her to work their as she yelled so she acts the way she wants because her ex-husband is the new owner. She has no idea how to run the front desk nor pricing. This is the worse place I have ever visited and I am sure this place will end up closing due to Stephanie's customer service skills. She cus , screams yells at everyone. Beware of this place!!!!

  • The work was excellent. Went there over the Columbus Day weekend and r... read more The work was excellent. Went there over the Columbus Day weekend and received prompt service. I'm going here from now on!

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