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Auto Reviews in the Houston Area

  • NikkireviewedAM Lube & Auto Care

    I wish I could give the idiots a negative amount of stars. The owner i... read more I wish I could give the idiots a negative amount of stars. The owner is the leader of the idiots. I have went here for the last 5-6 oil changes. This time is different because now I trust them to do an oil change and wheel alignments. I wait 2 hours for them to complete my services , when they are done I get into my car and leave. Once into my car I notice it’s hesitant and barely goes forward when I press the gas. Next thing I notice is my rear view, everything behind me is white. There is a ton of smoke coming from my tail pipe. I call them and I return heavily upset. This is my only vehicle. I bought it with 50k miles, I drive Uber for extra cash so I now have 220k but I’m always keeping the maintenance done in the car. The car is very well kept. New tires oil change brakes is all I ever change. I basically brought my car here normal and left with my car smoking and not going forward. The owner refuses to acknowledge my concerns. The mechanic who did the work acknowledged my concerns and also that it wasn’t smoking it had any issues when I brought it there but they wouldn’t let him check it out. The receptionist was very argumentative. Wouldn’t acknowledged how I felt about coming for a routine oil change ending with my car needing to be towed away because it wasn’t drivable. . The owner then says it’ll be 120$ to check out the issue that they caused. His also says ‘take me to civil court and let them take care of it because I’m not fixing it.’ I called the police and was told to leave and it’s a civil issues. Please save yourself the time and money in the long run by dealing with a reputable car repair shop. Update : they put 10 quarts of oil in my vehicle and the car only takes 5 quarts.

  • KathrynreviewedRepair One

    Only dealt with front desk, as this was just for an estimate. He was ... read more Only dealt with front desk, as this was just for an estimate. He was nice and knowledgeable. Have always received good service at Repair One.

  • If I could give this place more than 5 stars, I would. THEY ARE SIMPLY... read more If I could give this place more than 5 stars, I would. THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST AND MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE WHEEL REPAIR PLACE IN HOUSTON!!!! When I first came to this establishment, I was not knowledgeable on wheel/rim repair. Be that as it may, I desperately needed two rims fixed on my Lexus truck after I unexpectedly hit a curb. From the minute I walked in, the staff was courteous and answered all my questions, and trust me, I had a million. Needless to say, they were patient with me and walked me through the entire process that would take place in fixing my rims. EVERY questioned I asked Tracy, the “front desk receptionist” I believe she was; she followed up and asked George, and his abundance of knowledge calmed ALL my concerns. I expressed to Tracy I worked in the medical center so I could get my vehicle after my workday ended, and she said it was not a problem. At the close of my work shift, Tracy called to say my truck was ready. Unfortunately, I expressed to her I didn’t have a way back to the facility. (This is where the MAGNIFICENT customer service takes place.) Tracy told me it wasn’t a problem and arranged transportation for me to get back to the shop. The fact she went above and beyond for me distinguished this place really cares for its customers. In conjunction with their remarkable customer service, the craftsmanship of their repair personnel is superior! The repair they did to my rim erased the fact I ever it a curb. It was like the rims were brand new once again. I can say without a shadow of a dought the exemplary service I received at this shop made me a customer for life! I will undeniably recommend them to my family, friends, and coworkers. Thanks again, Houston Wheel Repair; you all rock!

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