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  • timreviewedBoggus Ford

    Pulling a travel trailer from Indiana my F350 stopped running. Had tow... read more Pulling a travel trailer from Indiana my F350 stopped running. Had towed to Boggus Ford as I thought my only chance of good reliable service was at a dealership. I asked Ben (service writer) for an all inclusive quote to get me back to Indiana. Ben called me back stating high volume oil pump, #1 and #3 injectors were out. Was told truck would be done in 2 days. After 2 days and no communication from Ben I called and was told truck was taken on a test drive and now needed #7 injector. After another day went by with no communication I called Paul (service manager) who stated truck needed the ficm wiring harness due to bent pins caused by technician error. I was to pay for this labor and parts. After no communication I called Paul again and was told transmission was out. I would now have to pay for a used transmission. The bill went from 3,088.00 to over 6,000.00. All due to lack of proper training and just throwing parts at a problem without proper diagnosis. I then recieved an email stating Boggus was no longer working on my truck after I refused the used transmission. Its amazing how a pump, 3 injectors, a wiring harness and a transmission can all go out at the same time. I had to rent a car to get back to Indiana to be with my terminally Ill Mother and to this writing am still without a truck. Please avoid doing business of any kind with this dealership as they truely live up to their name. They claim to "help" and assist and pretend to know what they are doing but this service and dealership has NO leadership nor knowledge and technician moral is very, very low. There are other Ford dealerships in the area, do yourself a favor and use one of the others.

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