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Auto Reviews in the Odessa Area

  • On July 18, 2014, GEICO paid Cardoza’s Auto Repair to replace the engi... read more On July 18, 2014, GEICO paid Cardoza’s Auto Repair to replace the engine in our 2005 Mercedes Benz C230 Kompressor Sport. At that time Dan informed us it might be a couple week before he could get to it but he would let us know when it was ready. Also, he said the engine is rare but he found one. After three week of waiting we called to see if there was any progress and Dan said he hasn’t even picked up the engine yet and it might be one more week. I informed him that we were moving to San Antonio in one week and he promised to have the car to me before we move. We called back in one week and were informed the engine is in and running but the Check Engine light was on indicating a problem. I now had to move without my car. This is now one complete month after being paid for the job. In the estimate to GEICO Cardoza listed the labor at 10 hours. Also at this time Dan answered the phone every time we called. Another week goes by and I’m calling daily because now he won’t answer when he sees my number on his caller ID. I change my number to the 210 area code and call Cardosa, he answers. I press him for specifics and he tells me the misfire code is on cylinder #6. How is this possible, the original engine is a Supercharged 1.8L 4 cylinder? He will check on the car and call me back; no call. Now he won’t even answer my calls, text, or emails. This man dedicated an entire page on his web site spouting his ethics. There are links to Kudzu customer reviews and the Better Business Bureau where he’s not even a member. Now it’s September 5, 2014 and I don’t have my car or a clue where it is and what’s going on with it. So I have to take legal action against the man and his business to get my car back.

  • Upon my visit to Cardozas Auto Repair my dispute was finalized. I d... read more Upon my visit to Cardozas Auto Repair my dispute was finalized. I discussed my issue with manager Daniel Doncea and the gentlemen was very courteous. He apologized on the behalf Ryan Cardoza and gave me a full refund for fuel pump as well as discounts on future service to my vehicle equaling my losses. Although i ended up in the hole $ 1800.00 I left the repair shop content knowing Ryan accepted responsibility.

  • On May 10 ,2011 i took my for ford expedition Cardoza's Auto re... read more On May 10 ,2011 i took my for ford expedition Cardoza's Auto repair to have fuel pump changed out,... On Friday May 20th i was in rout to work and the vehicle left me stranded . Called Ryan Cardoza and explained to him what had happened. He said i would have to bring it in so they can take a look at it to see if its a fuel pump issue...i asked about towing charges and Ryan said if it is a fuel pump issue that he would take care of everything. I had my vehicle towed and dropped of at Cardoza's Auto on saturday may 21th.On Tuesday may 24th i followed up with a call and Ryan had mentioned that the fuel pump was defective and in his own words mentioned that they had previous issues with these pumps from this vender. I exclaimed if they had knowledge of prior issues' then why then did they install it on my vehicle and why wasn't i told it was not a ford factory fuel pump. He then changed his words and said a small percentage were defective. Ryan said he would order a factory fuel pump from Ford and it would be in on Friday May 27th and everything was covered. The next day i missed a call from Ryan and called back shortly after and taking his word back he mentioned that i would have to pay extra for the factory fuel pump being ordered. The difference i was to pay was $ 500.00.I tried to bargain with Ryan and in good faith offered to pay half which is $ 250.00 for the fuel pump. I never did mention towing charges i had to pay nor having missed half a day of work due to me being stranded.Ryan didn't want to accept any responsibility for the defective part nor did he take in consideration time lost a work,towing fees as well as difficulties commuting to my current job without a vehicle. I mentioned if could not get any cooperation that i would send a letter to the BBB and possibly seek advise from an attorney. Ryan disrespectfully mentioned - go ahead i had many people do that too and i won them all and hung up on me. I work with clients and i would be as

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