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Auto Reviews in the San Antonio Area

  • I walked in asking for a quote for my damaged vehicle. The guy helping... read more I walked in asking for a quote for my damaged vehicle. The guy helping me was the only person working, and the shop looked like a ghost town. After taking a look at my vehicle, he gave me a verbal estimate. I then told him that I needed a printed quote for Lackland Air Force Base's vehicle operations, as the vehicle was a government vehicle. He then mumbled something under his breath and walked away. It was a little awkward, and I was unsure what the man said. I followed the man back to the office when he turned around and yelled, "Get out of here with that shit, take your business somewhere else!" He then slammed the door to the office. Not only was this whole trip really awkward, but the man working was extremely rude. I'm not sure how this dump makes it's money, but please save yourself some time and never go here.

  • 8/14/16: My transmission broke down in downtown San Antonio. I was vis... read more 8/14/16: My transmission broke down in downtown San Antonio. I was visiting from Las Cruces, NM. Needless to say, I was in a bind. It was Sunday and I had no wheels in a strange city far from home. I called a few places with 24/7 towing and Gary from Select Transmission was the first to get back to me. Beggars can't be choosers, so I had the truck towed to their shop. 8/15/16: The parking lot at Select is jammed with vehicles. This might be a sign of them being in high demand because of their excellent service, but it's really because they are slow and/or overbooked. I'd be fine with slow, IF the work is done properly, but that was not to be in my case. They were super nice and cool as they talked knowledgeably about automotive repair. I ended up ordering an upgraded 4L80E with a nationwide 3 year warranty and was able to get financing for the whole cost of the repair, approximately $3800. I told them it would be about 3 weeks before I could arrange to get back out to SA to pick up the truck. I caught a flight home for $350 since I had to work the next day. 8/29/16: I called Select to get an update. Gary said it would be ready by Wednesday, the 31st. I let them know I'd be coming out at the end of the week, which would be the start of Labor Day weekend. 9/2/16: I took an afternoon flight to SA (another $350) and got to Select at about 5pm to pick up the truck. They had apparently been rushed to put it back much for being done by the 31st. Gary told me there was a noise and they couldn't figure out the source. I knew of a noise coming from my front transfer case every now and then, so I told him that was probably it. He also told me that the transmission would make some noise for a few hundred miles as it broke in. Not knowing any better, I drove it for about 90 miles while there was this loud scraping sound. I ended up parking it at a friend's place. Underneath the truck there was evidence of fluid leakage and the skid plate that protected the transmission was missing. The shop was closed for the weekend so I couldn't take it back until Tuesday. 9/3/16: I called Select and got Gary the lying rat on the phone. He was at some Labor Day weekend tailgate party and the shop was closed. He told me to check the fluid level. No help there, the fluid level was fine. 9/5/16: I wasn't going to drive the truck 700 miles making that noise and I wasn't going to leave my truck there for another three weeks so I arranged to have it shipped back to a transmission shop in El Paso for $500 and rented a car to drive home ($120). 9/10/16: My truck arrived at the shop in El Paso. I owe the guy there $400 for the balance of having my truck shipped. 9/22/16: I make it into the El Paso shop and pay the $400. He had already inspected the truck and pulled the rear transfer case off the back of the transmission. It had not been filled with oil, the filler plug on top was missing and the drain plug was loose. The inside was full of metal shavings. Total cost to replace with a rebuilt unit: $1241. Thanks a lot, Select Transmission! To be fair, the transmission itself was fine and installed properly. But PROPER removal and replacement of the rear transfer case is an integral part of the job and this was not done.

  • RichardreviewedBracken Collision 281

    Fast friendly service. Made all repairs, delt with Insurance claim in ... read more Fast friendly service. Made all repairs, delt with Insurance claim in a friendly and efficient manner. Thanks... GREAT JOB..

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