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Truck Reviews in the Kaysville Area

  • Even though this is a Truck and Trailer Repair Company, Justin will ta... read more Even though this is a Truck and Trailer Repair Company, Justin will take on even the smallest of requests. We have taken him several parts from a bike cart (made with different types of metal) over the years and he welds them and has rebuilt them so that they can better fit our needs. He understands exactly what my needs are without even having the bike cart there to show him. And he is fast. He usually has my things done by the next day. The quality of his work is excellent. On October 26th I came in to pick up a project and coincidentally needed a leg of of a late 1800's wood burning stove welded. It had broken in half. Justin welded it for me in about 5 minutes. And he did it without ruining the design that had been carved into it when it was made over 100 years ago. Justin is very pleasant and professional too. I highly recommend him.

  • I took my Mack MR688 truck to the Mack dealer in order to get "top not... read more I took my Mack MR688 truck to the Mack dealer in order to get "top notch service and expert repairs". Maybe I was wrong in thinking that a Mack dealer would automatically be a place where expertise would be paramount....I expected to pay A LOT, but to also receive what I would pay for in knowing that a dealer would surely stand behind it's work. What I learned was SHOCKING to say the least!!! I have met Jiffy Lube technicians with more confidence and experience than these people. I came to them because my truck was shaking violently at about 60 mph. I had taken my truck to a friend, who pointed out that I needed to change my tie rod ends and linkage. We changed that, and had just received an alignment from Jacks Tire and Oil, but the problem persisted. When I first entered the Mountain West Truck Center, I noticed the gentleman in front of me obviously distraught and was telling me that they had one of his company's trucks for over two months!!! Then, I heard "Eddie" talking on the phone giving excuse after excuse as to why someone's truck wasn't done...After about 20 minutes I finally said in a loud voice "hey, can I get some help?" they seemed totally clueless to their customers being there. The sign on the entrance to the service center says that you should expect a certain level of service...such as always being informed of your vehicle's status....getting a diagnosis within 2 hours, etc...THEY TOOK 8 HOURS to tell me that my truck needed a new rim, and that all else was great...that I should get my rim somewhere else because they charge $330+ a rim!!! They charged me close to $1200 for diagnosing the "needs a new rim", and giving me an oil change and fuel filter replacement with changing the wheel bearing caps!!!! They misdiagnosed the issue. I need a new kingpin! One of the head guys there told me that if they made a mistake on the diagnosis, he would "take care of me". When I asked him about this, he recanted and told me that he didn't say that. He then told

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