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Auto Reviews in the Midvale Area

  • Even though this is a Truck and Trailer Repair Company, Justin will ta... read more Even though this is a Truck and Trailer Repair Company, Justin will take on even the smallest of requests. We have taken him several parts from a bike cart (made with different types of metal) over the years and he welds them and has rebuilt them so that they can better fit our needs. He understands exactly what my needs are without even having the bike cart there to show him. And he is fast. He usually has my things done by the next day. The quality of his work is excellent. On October 26th I came in to pick up a project and coincidentally needed a leg of of a late 1800's wood burning stove welded. It had broken in half. Justin welded it for me in about 5 minutes. And he did it without ruining the design that had been carved into it when it was made over 100 years ago. Justin is very pleasant and professional too. I highly recommend him.

  • BreccareviewedB T Automotive

    I am VERY disappointed with this business. I went in because another ... read more I am VERY disappointed with this business. I went in because another mechanic told me I need a new head gasket. I came here and they did a check and said it wasn’t a head gasket that I just needed a few sensors replaced. As I was waiting to pay I heard the front desk guy tell a customer that they look at cars for free and then see what they need to do from there. Well after I left the car still was having problems. I took it back and they checked it over. When I went to pick up my car they wanted to charge me 80$. I confronted them about what I heard the man say. The old grumpy man at the front desk said they never check cars for free and that I wasn’t being truthful. I argued and kept asking if my car was fixed. He would say yes, no, then when I argued about paying he said I will tell you whatever you want to hear as long as you pay me. Right there I was so disgusted. Such blatant dishonesty from this business. From that moment on I did not speak to this man. Well come to find out I needed a new/repaired head gasket. So I’ve been driving on a damaged one for 2 weeks. Which has probably made it worse. Well I took it in and 2 weeks was how long it took. They kept making excuses that it was the shop who was grinding down the head gasket but if you have a business and you tell a customer that it will be done in 3-5 days that is when It should be done. I can even understand a few days but 14 , come on!!! Well then I had to pay that shop almost 500$ for taking 2 weeks to do the job. And BT automotive wouldn’t help, negotiate or make me feel like they appreciated my business. They also charged me for the new sensors when that wasn’t even the problem. No refund! While repairing the head gasket they offered to put new front tires on, so I accepted. When I went to pick up the car after the 14 days the tires were not put on. At this point I should have walked away but I needed these tires. So they put them on. 3 months later the front tires were bald

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