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  • AnonymousreviewedRecreation RV Sales

    Recreation RV Sales - Consumers Warning!!! Normally I don't get on... read more Recreation RV Sales - Consumers Warning!!! Normally I don't get online to post reviews, but its beyond any experience I have ever had with a company and I don't want anyone else being wronged by this same company, so I felt it as my duty to post this review so no consumer has to go through what we went through with this company. My story goes as follows, I got a call from my brother and his wife asking me for help because they felt like these guys at Recreation RV mechanics were trying to take advantage of her/them for repairs on their RV when it should have been covered under warrantee. (After speaking with the warrantee company, they stated that it should have been covered and we should not have had the issues we had.) After my sister-in-law took in the RV to Recreation RV, they initially said it would be covered, then they went back on what they had said and tried to take advantage of my sister-in-law. Recreation RV, tried to take advantage of my sister-in-law and attempted to assess her over 3,000 in repairs that they wanted her and my brother to pay for out of their own pockets. After she told them we did not want them to do anything, my brother and I went down to pick up the RV. This is when things escalated, and got much worse. The problems we had with Recreation RV escalated to police involvement, because Recreation RV and their staff refused to release the RV without us paying over 200 dollars for a diagnostic fee. Recreation RV crookedly forced us to pay over 200 on a diagnostic fee that was never agreed upon. They assessed the fee after my sister-in-law told them that their pricing was way out of hand. They wanted to charge 3,000+ for a few minor repairs, over 150 dollars just for an oil change, and nearly 3 times what it cost to tint 2 windows. Recreation RV is one of the worst companies I have ever had to deal with. The fact that we had to get the police involved to get our property back is obscene. I have attached a photo of the statement showing that my sister-in-law never agreed to a diagnostic fee because I want everyone looking to deal with this company, to know that they need to proceed with caution. There are crooked people out there trying to take money from consumers, when they never agreed to any fees being assessed. Recreation RV is very much shown me a prime example of what its like to deal with predatory mechanics that are out to wrong consumers to make a buck. Anyone seeking service or products from Recreation RV, SCAM BEWARE. They will try and scam you into paying for something, anyway they can. Please see my attached document if you dont believe me, this review is merely to help prevent this from happening again. Lastly, I just wanted to let others know I will also be filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the BBB, and the state of Utah to ensure consumers will not be subject to companies like this in the future.

  • ** We will give no star on the rating if we can but we have to select ... read more ** We will give no star on the rating if we can but we have to select at least a star :-{ ** We have an absolute horrible encountering dealing with Pappy's RV Rentals as we have experienced some crappy customer service from Bruce and Misty: 1) Calls to Bruce regarding functionality of the RV such as the generator during our trip were never returned despite leaving voicemails. 2) Generator was not functioning during the last 1 1/2 days of our trip, we were told that a button or switch on the generator itself fell off. The generator was behind a couple of panels on the side. We had no idea where it was or attempted to fix it ourselves. However, Misty was accusing us of tempering with it. She questioned us on how the button or switch fell off or has gone missing. I don't think popping loose by itself is a possibility in Misty's mind. 3) Despite our best effort to clean the RV before we returned back to them, we were charged extra $75 for the cleaning fee on top of the $125 we've already paid and charged. When questioning about the extra $75, we were told that the RV was returned in an extra filthy condition, "the worst condition I have ever seen!" in Misty's word. However, during my conversation with Bruce, he only told me that the carpet in the living area was in pristine condition and that it was dirty when we returned it. Luckily, we took pictures of the RV and one of them was actually on the carpet. We sent the picture in via email to dispute the charges and we did not hear back from anyone. I've placed a call and talked to Misty about the extra cleaning charges and she was just horrible. We will not ever rent another RV from this place again. Absolutely NOT, not even it's free.

  • Pappys /Got stuck for 2 days in Idaho because the emergency phone numb... read more Pappys /Got stuck for 2 days in Idaho because the emergency phone number they gave us was not answered by anyone. When we finally got ahold of them on Monday a.m. they argued with the tire company that we didn't need a new tire (WE DID)! They nickle and dime you to death and when you dare to question them they yell and scream like children and throw the phone (Misty) until someone else comes and talks to you. I have a problem with the idea that we could have been stuck on the side of the road for those 2 days. Would "NOT" recommend this company!

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