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Auto Reviews in the Chesapeake Area

  • WEDNESDAY, 6 JULY 2016 I’m a 74-year old disabled vet whose 2007 Chry... read more WEDNESDAY, 6 JULY 2016 I’m a 74-year old disabled vet whose 2007 Chrysler Town & Country Touring van (my sole source of transportation) was having cooling issues. The temperature gauge had recently gone up to the top & back down again on several occasions. I checked my radiator for fluid leaks (found none) & levels (added 50-50 anti-freeze). The problem continued. After checking the internet for the best auto repair businesses and, with all their excellent reviews, contacted Champions of Chesapeake Auto Repair who said they give 20% off to seniors! I told them I would have AAA tow my van to their place of business. While waiting for the tow truck, I received a call from Dennis (?) telling me that Mike (?) said to have it towed to their secondary shop (Great Bridge Auto & Transmission Repair); so I did. Later, I received a call from Ryan (?) telling me that my van had a blown head-gasket and needed an engine replacement (estimated cost: $3400 used to $5500 new); plus, there might be issues that hadn’t been determined because this was the primary one! I’ve been retired since June 2006, receive my monthly income @ the 1st of each month, have very limited savings, and could not possibly pay for an engine replacement. I told Ryan I’d have to have AAA tow it from their shop & requested their bill for service ($79). Faced with this awful dilemma, I called the place of business from whom I’d purchased my van, explained my problem & was referred to another repair shop with whom they did business. The next afternoon that repair shop’s service manager (Joe) called & told me I did NOT have a blown head-gasket but a cooling fan failure & my van was ready for pick-up (cost: $408)! WOW, what a difference! As a result of this fiasco, MY RECOMMENDATION IS TO NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SHOP!!! Their faulty & costly diagnosis is INEXCUSABLE! An auto repair business without integrity & trust in analyzing a problem is totally OFF-LIMITS to me and should be for anyone! TOM BOWLES, Lifetime Chesapeake Resident

  • JimreviewedReal Deal Auto

    Date of situation: 06/18/16, Being from out of state I rented a carrie... read more Date of situation: 06/18/16, Being from out of state I rented a carrier from U-Haul and I was directed to pick it up at Real Deal Auto. I was unaware that I had reserved a pick-up for 8:30 am. I appreciate the courtesy the Real Deal Auto extended to me by calling me at 11:30 to see if I was going to pick the car carrier I reserved up, before they closed at 1 PM. While I as waiting for my paperwork to be processed, I witnessed Rick, (whom I later learned was the owner), only agree to quote a price for an emergency repair - rear wheel bearing, after he ad reviewed it on an on-lime mechanics repair guide. That not only makes sense, but I think was fair and ethical. He didn't take advantage of anyone's emergency situation. Ricks two employees worked with me to load my care and also went the extra mile to secure it to the carrier - which based on my extremely low profile vehicle was a challenge. What happened after all of this was foolish action on my part, I didn't look at where I was jumping when I got off the carrier. Broken foot and ankle. Rick volunteered to drive my wife and I to the local hospital and even pushed my wheel chair into the ER. They helped me and went out of their way on all levels, the U-Haul rental and my need for immediate medical care. If I lived anywhere close to Chesapeake, VA, I'd take my car there for service.

  • NathanreviewedFair's Auto Repair

    The owner is extremely smart and is a guru when I comes to cars. Very ... read more The owner is extremely smart and is a guru when I comes to cars. Very good pricing and quick turnaround times. Will continue going back with all of my vehicles -Nathan

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