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  • I have a 1991 Ford F-150. My Dad purchased it used in 2012, and it has... read more I have a 1991 Ford F-150. My Dad purchased it used in 2012, and it has had NOTHING but issues. The check engine light would NEVER stay off. So, over the years, he and my Mom took it to several mechanics, had numerous amounts of work done to it, and spent TONS of money....not fixed. It seemed that NO ONE could get the check engine light off, and the truck always had to go into the shop. So, they decided to give it to me, (as I had begged them for it since they got it). Transmission had issues, so my Mom called Transmissions America, and they got it in immediately, and got me going with an AWESOME transmission, with little time and money involved! Great job guys! So, I had my truck running ok (never was the best since purchased), then, it broke down again! Ok, so after several mechanics and a lot of money, it still was messed up. My Mom called Transmissions America, and Eric said to bring it in and he would fix it. Well, it turned out to be a headache, and VERY time-consuming, and it was so messed up that their computer wouldn't even read it! But, they didn't give up!!! I can't even begin to explain how much time that Eric and ALL the mechanics spent trying to figure out what was wrong with my truck. They don't like "guessing" or just throwing parts on there and costing you money, which is what I absolutely LOVE about them! Eric was in constant communication with my Mom and I telling us what problems they found, what they fixed, what else needed fixed, and what was previously fixed, but either botched, broken, or fixed with "junkyard parts". So, after a few weeks, and a lot of frustration for the guys at Transmissions America, they were happy (and I think relieved) to tell me that my truck was ready!!!! Yay! They pretty much replaced EVERYTHING that was previously worked on over the years, plus other things that had never been replaced, and they even got the check engine light off - for the 1st time ever, the light was OFF! The price was not even one-fifth of what we have paid everywhere else, and that is AMAZING! I have now driven my truck daily since I got it fixed, and I'm happy to report that everything is GREAT! No check engine light, it purrs like a kitten (always had a miss or two in it), no jumping, hesitation, leaks, spits, sputters....NOTHING!!!! So, if you ever have car trouble of ANY kind, I HIGHLY recommend the guys at Transmission of America to do the work! They did the impossible with my truck...NO ONE could fix "My Big Red". So, they definitely have all of our business, my family's, friends, and EVERYONE I can recommend. Do not take you vehicle ANYWHERE else and get had! They are very nice, caring, and they treat you like family. Eric was AWESOME throughout this "trying" time. They are the BEST at what they do, and no one will EVER touch any of my vehicles but them! Thanks so much guys!!!!!

  • CherylreviewedTransmissions America

    My daughter had taken her car to Merchants and they ran diagnostics an... read more My daughter had taken her car to Merchants and they ran diagnostics and referred her to Transmissions America. I'm so glad they did because Eric and Evan did an awesome job. They kept us updated along the way and worked very hard to find us a reasonably priced transmission with low mileage. They definitely went above and beyond to make sure we were takin care of. They provided exceptional customer service and I highly recommend them. Kudos to them for being such a top notch shop!!!

  • My previous mechanic said that my engine and transmission were toast, ... read more My previous mechanic said that my engine and transmission were toast, and that I needed a new car. I looked at replacing my car, but then I thought I'd get a second opinion before I pulled the trigger. So I started researching repair shops in Roanoke. I found this website and saw the reviews for Transmissions America, so I gave them a call and I talked to Eric. He was very friendly and gracious. After I told him my situation, he said he'd take a look and he'd let you know what he thought. I am SO glad that I did!!! It turned out the engine just needed a new thermostat, and the transmission needed a new neutral safety valve switch! I can't recommend Eric and his team at Transmissions America enough!

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