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Motorcycle Reviews in the Vinton Area

  • JreviewedGo Race Inc

    This place is horrible... Bad and extremely SLOW service.... The owner... read more This place is horrible... Bad and extremely SLOW service.... The owner Travis Jones doesn't seem to care, very arrogant little guy who likes to boast about his personal racing accomplishments. Who cares?? Just fix my bike in a timely way and quit waisting my time. And stop talking about women like they are objects, you think people can't hear you when you are in the back, but the customers surely can and it's offensive, even for an older guy like myself. The 50s are over buddy, women are not the lesser species. While he's out joy riding on his bikes and racing, my bike isn't fixing its self. He also likes to use the line...."the part distributer sent us the wrong part" . I've been given that line on more than once. Yeah right, you mean your shop ordered the wrong part is more like it, or perhaps didn't order it at all. If you want to wait three months to get your ride so called "fixed" be my guest. But be warned, a month after your repair job. The "fix" is broken again. And then you are expected to pay for yet another so called "fix" again because they didn't get it right the first time. no thank you. Will be taking my bike to roanoke from now on. The hour drive is worth it and I'm not waisting another riding season waiting on these jack offs. Stay away from this place. This bike shop and their employees are a joke. weird and very loud hippy music always playing and just very rude and unprofessional. Too bad it's the only bike shop in town right now. Hopefully a more professional and customer friendly place will open up soon and blow this one out of business. It's a rip off. I was told to stay away from this place, I should have saved my money and listened.

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