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  • BrandonreviewedQuality Muffler Hut

     went in to have a muffler installed in my honda. It's the type of muf... read more  went in to have a muffler installed in my honda. It's the type of muffler that has the exhaust tip on the end of it, often called a "fart can". He did the job, the welds and placement looked good, and I drove it home. After getting home I looked at and realized that the muffler was on upside down. It has a logo on the tip that is supposed to be on the top and it was on the bottom. Not too big of a deal, just doesn't look like a completely professional job is all. So I called today and explained the issue and the lady asked if it was much of an issue that the logo was on the bottom. I said (politely I might add) that it works fine, it just doesn't look professional. She called back a while later and said that he (her husband, the owner of the shop. He installed my muffler) said I could drop by anytime and he would love to take a look. So I stopped by and she sent me out to the shop where he was. As soon as he walked up to me he got right in my face and asked if I was the ****ing guy that called and was rude to his wife saying they were unprofessional. He used a lot of foul language and was being VERY intimidating throughout his rant about people like me being disrespectful to his wife, all the while just inches from my face. He then told me to go in and apologize to his wife and that he would put the muffler in "however the h*ll" I want it in there for free. I went into the office and told his wife that I was sorry that I seemed so disrespectful on the phone, as it was not intended to sound that way. She looked very surprised and said that I wasn't disrespectful. I have no problem with her, as she was very polite and I had/have no intentions of being disrespectful towards her. I will, however, not do business with the owner again.

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