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Auto Reviews in the Escondido Area

  • MarjoriereviewedGrand Garage

    My parent in laws were giving us a their old Chevy pickup and It had ... read more My parent in laws were giving us a their old Chevy pickup and It had been sitting in there yard for years without being driven. We wanted to buy a travel trailer if we could get the truck running and in working order to pull a travel trailer. Before paying the registration and buying tires on the vehicle we took it into Grand Garage to see if it was even worth fixing up and if was even capable to even pull a travel trailer before we decided to buy one. I called them and told them that the truck had been sitting at my in laws and had not been driven in years. I told them there had been even rat damage and I wanted a thorough inspection done on the truck, and that we would be buying a travel trailer and using the truck to pull it based on their recommendation. Pat one of the associates told me that I did not need the most expensive vehicle inspection and that it was not necessary even though that the truck had been sitting there for awhile. I told him I did not mind paying for the most expensive inspection because I wanted everything gone through even the engine. After his recommendation we went with the lower inspection cost and he assured me that this inspection would catch everything wrong with the truck. After giving us a price of $6,290 and telling us that the truck would be good to go and be able to pull the trailer we wanted to buy, we then proceeded to paid for the back registration of $1,800 and buy 6 new tires on the truck , paying $1,000. We figured it would be cheaper than buying a new truck. We then went ahead and bought the travel trailer based on their recommendation. When we brought the truck home, and we went on our first local camping trip about an hour and half away from out home, and we noticed the check engine light went on and the truck was running hot and smelled like something was burning. We then took the truck back to Grand Garage and told them the issue. Pat , then told us the reason that the truck smelled hot and the engine light went one was because we had the to turn on or off the towing feature. After stating that the truck did not have that feature he then proceeded to tell us that the check engine light should not be on, and nothing else was done. Then a few days later I drove the truck to work and it broke down and the truck would not start. We then called Grand Garage again and Pat arranged to have the truck towed which we paid $140 for. Once the truck was towed back to the shop, Grand garage realized that there was a wire chewed by rats that they admittedly acknowledged that they had missed on the vehicle inspection, and the starter went out. They then proceeded to state that after we replaced the starter that the truck would be good to go. We again asked you if the engine was the problem and they proceeded to say no that this would be the last repair for awhile. We then paid another $541.48 to Grand Garage to fix the issue with the truck. After proceeding to pay for a new starter and towing the truck broke down again with our trailer and had to have it towed home with a $360 tow bill. We then took it to Grand Garage again and this time they told us that the truck needs a new engine. We have asked them several times to rectify the problem and now they have come back saying that we need a new engine and they cannot do it, even after they troubleshot the engine and told us a tune up would fix the problem they are now saying they cannot do anything. We have spent a lot of money paying for registration on the truck, buying new tires, and buying a new travel trailer based on their recommendation. We feel they have lied to us and strung us along to just get business from us knowing that the truck was probably not worth it. We have asked the owner of grand garage to call us to discuss a solution to this problem and we are still waiting for a call back. It's been almost a week and the owner will not call us back. We have even sent them an email and they have failed to reply. We are now asking the Bureau of Automotive Repair to open a case in attempt to solve this issue. AVOID THEM GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!

  • Details such as windshield wipers, correct gas to be used, what is com... read more Details such as windshield wipers, correct gas to be used, what is coming up next are a few of the details in addition to always excellent service. I always feel safe having Hunda Auto service my car.

  • Larry And SusanreviewedHunda Automotive Inc

    Rich and his team are honest to work that needs to be performed. Thei... read more Rich and his team are honest to work that needs to be performed. Their quality and attention to detail are second to none. I won’t think of going anywhere else for my automotive repair work.

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