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  • I had a frustrating experience with Auto Repair Pros and Walter, the r... read more I had a frustrating experience with Auto Repair Pros and Walter, the repair advisor. It's unacceptable that he failed to fix my car noise issue despite multiple visits and charges. I’m gonna explain now everything to make it clear! My issue was with some noise coming from engine, my repair advisor was Walter. I dropped off my car for the service, and in the end of the day Walter asked me to leave the car for another day, I said ok. The next day car wasn’t fixed. I rented a car. Eventually car was staying there for 6 days. I spent money for car rent which Walter promised me to cover because kept the car too for their fault and didn’t do. They changed so many things and eventually when I picked up my car I realized that the noise is still there. Walter told me that it can’t be fixed because it’s Nissan car and the mileage is already 120K. I have my warranty for my car, I paid my deductible which I have to pay and also Walter charged me taxes which I shouldn’t pay. I was ok, paid it and got my car back thinking let’s see what’s going on. Next days I was checking my car and after few days I realized that that the problem was with motor mount which auto shop didn’t find and didn’t fixed. I sent car again to that shop and explain the issue to Walter again, he agreed with me and took my car again for the service. In the end of the day when I was picking up my car Walter said me they changed the motor mount but the noise was still there, Walter said there’s nothing they can do with that. Again I paid deductible and taxes and left the shop. I was very disappointed and upset about the service. A week later I decided to go to the official Nissan dealership service and after diagnostic they told me that the issue is with motor mount which is never been charged. They changed the motor mount and the issue was resolved and I never hear the noise again! So I’m very disappointed with service and Walter, who was lying me about everything, he charged me for taxes which I shouldn’t pay, according my agreement I’m only paying for deductible 100$. He promised me to cover my rental which wasn’t covered( I realized this when I called to warranty company and calculated everything, however invoice that Walter gave me says he deducted 200$ for rental) and eventually he didn’t fix my car! I’m thinking about to talk to my attorney about this case, because its not appropriate to lye customers like this.

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  • MichaelreviewedCar Doctor USA

    I took my 2006 Impala in to have much needed service performed, hoses,... read more I took my 2006 Impala in to have much needed service performed, hoses, belts, plugs, oil and coolant leaks, broken A/C, rear window not working, struts, … I am still impressed with the work. Things were fixed that I never expected, basically the “Car Doctor” exceeded my expectations, that is hard to do for a car mechanic.

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