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  • JunireviewedMagic Touch R VS

    I had previously picked up some parts and supplies at this shop, becau... read more I had previously picked up some parts and supplies at this shop, because it is close to my central California base. I'm a touring musician and tour in my motorhome full time, so I have had work done, as needed all over the United States. In this case, I called from the road more than two weeks out, to see if they could handle some warranty repairs, and then, about a week out, another issue came up, so I added that to the list of repairs. I dropped it off at opening time, on a Monday morning as instructed. On Thursday, I needed something out of the unit, so stopped by, to find that so far, NOTHING had been done. When I asked why, the reply was "When do you need it by?" I reiterated that I had a drop dead deadline the following Tuesday. Stopped in again on Monday, the work was still not completed, and the service manager was quite dismissive about my concerns. Got a call on Tuesday, was told the unit was ready, and I went first to look, and the electric step which was to be repaired did operate, but slowly, making metal on metal noise. So I asked the manager about it, and he said "Might need to be lubed, or the motor might be going out" "Really?" I said. Now, you'd think, on a warranty repair, they would want to take care of that. But instead, he charged me 95.00 for putting two wires together that had come loose. I got it back to my base 20 miles away, went on with my day, and early in the evening, opened the door, and lubed the step, went to close the door, and the step remained out. Called in. Was told to bring it in first thing in the morning. The next exchange with the service manager was priceless: "We have a problem, the step worked twice, now it is stuck "out" His reply" "Not my problem" "Really? No it is, because I paid you to fix it"I said. "It worked when you left here, so it's your problem now" I crawled under the unit to undo the bungee cord holding the step up, and asked "Is this joint and pin supposed to be hanging loose?" and without looking at it, he replied "yes" Another repair person came out and offered to take a look, and he happily put things back together, and I gladly tipped him for his time. I will NEVER go back to Magic Touch RV in Tulare, unless I learn that the surly, ill mannered service manager there is no longer there. It seems to be a family business, and I wanted to have work done locally, but I will NOT go back there.

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