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Auto Reviews in the Atlanta Area

  • SherryreviewedAutohaus Group, Inc.

    Excellent service and a great place to take your Mercedes and any othe... read more Excellent service and a great place to take your Mercedes and any other vehicle. We are new to the area and I needed to have work completed on my Mercedes. A neighbor recommended Atlanta Autohaus and I am so grateful for the guys there. They were very professional and completed the work within a reasonable amount of time. I love the fact that they have a mobile component to their business; I've never been to a shop that offers that type of convenience. My husband drives a Toyota into the city everyday and he works late. He needed his breaks fixed and they went to his office and repaired his breaks without any hesitation. I have no complaints and I am glad my neighbors suggested we check them out. You should too!

  • I had my first encounter with US Automart Atlanta on Friday, August 19... read more I had my first encounter with US Automart Atlanta on Friday, August 19th, 2016. I met Clayton Nesmith AKA "Mr. Clayton" there to assess my car and provide a quote for a job that entailed sanding, priming, and painting my vehicle. I was quoted $850 for the work to be done and was then ushered into the office to make payment arrangements with Joy Rogers. The payment plan was printed and given to me. I was unable to execute the payment plan and have work done on my car that day because they required a check. I advised that I did not have checks with checking account and would go to my financial institution to order them. Both Mr. Clayton and Joy found that agreeable, so I left and went straight to my credit union to request checks for my account. While at the credit union, I received a call from Mr. Clayton inquiring when I could bring the car in. He told me to forget about the agreement and just come on Monday morning at 9:00 am with $250 cash and that we'd make payment arrangements on the balance. I agreed to meet him on Monday, August 22nd and requested the funds from the teller. On Monday morning, I met with Greg Ware, discussed my conversation with Mr. Clayton, made my downpayment for services to be rendered, obtained a receipt, and signed the contractual agreement for $153 per month for four months beginning on September 15th. I handed over my keys and was promised that the work would be done by Saturday, August 27th. I requested a copy of what I signed. Greg asked if he could email it to me, which I accepted. I did not receive the email, so that afternoon I called Greg's mobile number, but the call went to an automated message that stated the mailbox was full so I could not leave a message. I called the office and spoke to Joy who assured me that Greg would email the paperwork to me. I called Greg over the next few days, but each time I called the call went straight to the automated message that stated the mailbox was full, so I could not leave a message. When I called Mr. Clayton on Saturday, August 27th to check on the status of my car, I was told that an additional $150 would be required to complete the work or I could just pick up the car (which I was advised was sanded down to the bare metal) and take it to someone else to paint it. A few angry words were exchanged. Frustrated, I agreed to the additional $150 so that my car could be painted. I was promised that the job would be done by Monday or Tuesday of the next week. By Tuesday, August 30th I had not heard back, so I called the office and spoke to Joy. I was informed that the car wasn't done and that she would have Greg call me. Shortly thereafter, I received a text from Joy asking when I'd make my next payment and stating that "Greg advised this needs to be set up biweekly... four payments... He can't do 4 months out..." I replied via text that I was on a business call and would call when I was done. When I called Joy back, she advised that she would have Greg call me about the change in payment arrangements. NOTE: To this day, I have not received the paperwork that I signed. When I spoke to Greg, I advised him of everything that had transpired at which point he told me that Mr. Clayton was not authorized to speak to me about business decisions. This is when I was informed that Greg was the "owner and operator" of US Automart Atlanta. I voiced my complaints to him and he just encouraged me to come in to make new payment arrangements and sign new paperwork. Greg advised me that my paint job would be finished that evening or the following day, which was Wednesday, August 31st and that Joy would call me when my car was ready. Needless to say, I received no call on Tuesday or Wednesday. I called the next day, Thursday, September 1st. Joy advised me that my car was ready and that it would be released to me once I set up a new payment arrangement and signed the new paperwork. She gave me a quote based on 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month repayment options. I wrote down the info and repeated it back to make sure it was correctly documented. Afterwards, I drafted an email to Joy and cc'd Greg complaining about the treatment I received as a customer with their establishment. I have not received a response back.

  • JeffreviewedYourMechanic

    I had my oil changed and tires rotated. I saw the offer through Groupo... read more I had my oil changed and tires rotated. I saw the offer through Groupon and I thought I would give it a go. Nathaniel was Great! He was right on time, worked fast, was clean and accurate. I would love him to come back again. Well, I guess I will because I purchased two :) Jeff B.

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