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  • I’m only posting this review because I’ve gotten several emails about ... read more I’m only posting this review because I’ve gotten several emails about reviewing yall. I usually never say anything if I have somthin bad to say. My experience here was pretty terrible. However, I’ll start off by saying the guy at the counter and the attitudes were all great. But when it comes to the service part… that’s a whole other situation. My first impression when I got my car back was it smelled like a sweaty man had been driving it around. Then the radio came on to some super loud hip hop (which I love but obviously not my country presets). I realize that when you change the parts that y’all needed to change that you may have to go drive it around a little to make sure the breaks are working properly. But.. like for real? It smelled SOO nasty. Then as im driving out I notice the breaks were squeaking… they are still squeaking a week later… I love attention to detail so cleaning whatever funk is causing that would have been nice. Lastly, and most importantly, I’m very very conscious of the cosmetic condition of my newer ford mustang. It’s been my dream car since I was a little kid and I finally got one less than a year ago. I don’t race it or push it whatsoever. I have a perfect driving record and never been at fault in any accidents. That’s why I was extremely surprised to see some nasty curb rash on my driver side front AND back rims. Practically new painted rims. So now y’all probably understand why I would never want y’all touching my car ever again. After a $500+ job I would expect a little more care. Really frustrating. Lesson learned… Don’t just go to a repair shop because it’s right across the street from where you live.

  • Always does good work!

  • Friendly folks with fast service.

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