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Auto Reviews in the Chicago Area

  • AndreyreviewedAaron Auto Glass

    They came out to my house for an extra charge to replace my windshield... read more They came out to my house for an extra charge to replace my windshield and rear window. They were supposed to arrive at 11am but came at 6pm. The next morning was a freaking horror story. There was garbage and glass all around my driveway. The side lawn of the house that I’m renting had (and still does by the way) trenches in the grass half a foot deep because they drove on the grass and got stuck. Then the car itself. ... glass everywhere!!!! I cut myself at least five times and so did a friend when they drove with me 3 weeks later. The glass particles are tiny and got stuck in every nook and cranny that the car had. I personally vacuumed it for at least 40 minutes and then used paper towels and wipes for another 40 minutes. After I called and emailed pictures to get the lawn repaired their orginal response was why did my babysitter not help them pull their car out? Then after I explained the lunacy of that logic they said they will call back. Then their reply was that no landscaping companies are available to fix the lawn. They promised to bring some sod and dirt to cover the holes. Nothing was done. I’m appalled at this company.

  • I just wanted to thanks these guys as a whole. I brought my SAAB in fo... read more I just wanted to thanks these guys as a whole. I brought my SAAB in for an oil service. I spoke to the tall service manager. He was helpful and explained I had 3 open recalls on my SAAB then one is related to my seat belts. This is why I always like going back to the dealership to have my SAAB repairs completed. I never knew they are PERILLO SAAB I thought all SAAB dealerships went out of business. I know found my SAAB dealership. Thomas B. Chicago Il

  • jeromereviewedUnited Tires LLC

    Never again , Tried to buy tires off Ebay from them , but would not... read more Never again , Tried to buy tires off Ebay from them , but would not accept payment from them , had to go to their shop to pay for them , plus Chicago , and State tax to boot . Asked to see the DOT code to see if these were indeed "New" tires as advertised , was not allowed or shown them before work was done .Asked for estimate on how much this was going to cost me , total Price of the So called 4 "New" tires mount , balance, disposal fee ..etc...went on deaf ears and work was performed with out my authorization anyway . After it was done , I look at my receipt and it says " Used Tires" , I questioned it and was told they are "New" but made sometime in 2014. That is not a " New" tire by me ... I just hope and pray that I did not get some altered , used , abused, blemished, damaged , or only God knows what else tires , that will be GARBAGE , after their ever so gracious and kind , 90 day warranty , which was not explained to me what if anything is warranted . Going back to the DOT codes on the tires , I can not even tell when they were made because the third oval that contains the Manufacturing date is missing .... I spent good , hard earned money on a product that isn't even what is advertised on Ebay , Buyer beware on what these people sell , I am taking the car ( my daughters by the way ) to a Goodyear store to have them check out these " New" tires and see if they can guess how old they are and if they are any good , For if they are not deemed any good, by the fine folks at Goodyear .... BACK THEY GO .... and then I contact the BBB , news people and anyone else who will listen . So like I said ....Never again , and Buyer Beware , you don't know what you are going to get from this establishment .

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