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  • Great trust worthy service. The only place I'll take my SAAB anymore, ... read more Great trust worthy service. The only place I'll take my SAAB anymore, as they know what is wrong without guessing what the codes mean. -Amy Loek

  • JonathanreviewedAuto Cars Imports

    I found Auto Cars Imports about 3 months ago, and man do I wish I woul... read more I found Auto Cars Imports about 3 months ago, and man do I wish I would've found them sooner. My car is a bit...troubled and likes to give me lots of problems. I got used to taking my car into my old mechanic and then waiting 3-4 weeks for them to fix it and give it back, so much so that I expected it to be the norm. Imagine my surprise when I give my car to Steve for a tuneup and brakes, and have it back the same day. Steve is amazing to work with, as well as everyone else that works there. Since that tune up, I've had 2 more issues pop up that weren't so rudimentary and Auto Cars handled them quickly while keeping me in the loop about what was going on and what the options were to get it fixed. When the interface issue popped up, instead of just telling me to replace it and hope for the best (about $1k out the door), Steve took the time to really dig into it and make sure it wasn't something that could be fixed without replacing it entirely. On top of all of that, they know what they are doing and take pride in their work. I'm sure if I had any issues with a repair that they performed, they'd fix it in the drop of a hat. With the level of service they provide, I highly doubt I'll ever get to test that theory though.

  • JenniferreviewedLandSpeed Auto Repair

    HIS REAL NAME IS Faisal K, not JOHN. He never offered a refund and ... read more HIS REAL NAME IS Faisal K, not JOHN. He never offered a refund and cursed me out as I have it recorded. If I could give this place no stars I would. I had purchased a groupon ($149) for front and rear brakes 3 weeks ago. He texts me saying that I would also need to replace the rotors. I was a little hesitant and should have listened to my gut but I went ahead go the rotors replaced for $265. Then he sends me pictures saying that I need to replace my ball joints. I said another time. Fast forward to one week later and I am hearing a squeaking noise. He says give it some time to adjust and that most likely it is my parking brakes. I called another mechanic and inquired about this and he informs me that the parking brake could and should have been done with the original brake/rotor replacement and it would have been cheaper as Landspeed wants to charge me $180. I gave it two weeks and the noise progressed. When I brought it in he took it for a test drive and tells me that he is going to replace the rotors and brakes again as well as the job on the parking brakes. I ask why and he tells me because of needing the parking brake which was a complete bowl of ****. Well, two days later I hear another squeaking noise and grinding noise. I thought it was because of the ball joints he stated I needed to replace. So, I again contacted the other mechanic and brought it in. He takes a look at my car and takes it for test drive and lets me know that the balljoints are perfect, NO NEED TO REPLACE THEM. Then this is the worst part, he tells me that the brake job that Landspeed did was done extremely poorly as well as the brakes and rotors were warped. I gasped considering that I just replaced them three weeks ago. I took pictures and everything and now have to replace the rotors and brakes in the front. I am so upset because as much as I would want to go back and make him do the job over again, that is not going to happen. He is also very rude and hostile. Blocks your number and doesn't answer. Fights all poor given reviews from yelp and other places. PLEASE BEWARE!!! I am not doing this to be spiteful, I am doing this because we work hard for our money and he is scamming people.

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