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Auto Reviews in the Chicago Area

  • JonathanreviewedAuto Cars Imports

    I found Auto Cars Imports about 3 months ago, and man do I wish I woul... read more I found Auto Cars Imports about 3 months ago, and man do I wish I would've found them sooner. My car is a bit...troubled and likes to give me lots of problems. I got used to taking my car into my old mechanic and then waiting 3-4 weeks for them to fix it and give it back, so much so that I expected it to be the norm. Imagine my surprise when I give my car to Steve for a tuneup and brakes, and have it back the same day. Steve is amazing to work with, as well as everyone else that works there. Since that tune up, I've had 2 more issues pop up that weren't so rudimentary and Auto Cars handled them quickly while keeping me in the loop about what was going on and what the options were to get it fixed. When the interface issue popped up, instead of just telling me to replace it and hope for the best (about $1k out the door), Steve took the time to really dig into it and make sure it wasn't something that could be fixed without replacing it entirely. On top of all of that, they know what they are doing and take pride in their work. I'm sure if I had any issues with a repair that they performed, they'd fix it in the drop of a hat. With the level of service they provide, I highly doubt I'll ever get to test that theory though.

  • CustomerreviewedYourMechanic

    Very friendly and helpful.

  • KimreviewedABM Auto Repair

    If you want to be yelled at and treated like dirt, then yes absolutely... read more If you want to be yelled at and treated like dirt, then yes absolutely go to Adeel! This guy misdiagnosed a major problem with my vehicle and then wanted to charge me a few hundred in labor after almost begging me on the phone to bring it back after reading my negative Yelp review. He first insisted that the previous repair they did just had a faulty part but I insisted that wasn't the issue, told them what it was and sure enough, I was right (I found the answer on Google after 5 minutes and this dude who is paid to work on cars didn't catch it until I stated the problem, really?). I felt that to be charged all that labor was majorly unfair since I had previously dropped $400 on an unnecessary repair and because I had to tell him what was wrong for him to even consider it. Apparently this dude's fragile ego was hurt at this point and he started going on about how he believes in God and karma (ps: karma is a buddhist ideal, so which one is it?). There was a line in there somewhere about how cars are just machines, we're all machines, and "these things happen" (???). In the end he told me he didn't want to work on my car anymore (he acted like this was a big deal, like I'm missing out on this guy's work wow big deal good riddance can't wait to not get ripped off anymore...narcissists am I right?). HE then kept accusing ME of trying to rip him off (still not sure how?) and dramatically took $300 cash out of his wallet and slammed it on the desk like he was starring in his own telenovela saying "here's your refund". He probably felt really cool though I never asked for a refund, but I told him that dramatic $300 was $100 short so we stood there while he wrote us a check. He had me sign a paper that said I was refunded out of "good will" which we had a hearty laugh about later...what a savior! It's not like he spent the previous 15 minutes accusing me of being a scam artist just because I want problems on my car to be fixed the first time. How he feels it is appropriate to yell at his paying customers is beyond me. After doing some research I see that many of his 5 star reviews are from friends and family. Beware of this guy, he's a ticking time bomb whose fragile masculinity cannot handle any sort of criticism.

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