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  • joreviewedRileys RV World

    Changes; BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE! Our brand new 2012 camper had a defe... read more Changes; BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE! Our brand new 2012 camper had a defect from the factory. Inside the return air vent for the AC wasn’t taped properly and froze up the second day of our first camping trip, (June 23rd). We were at LBL and needed it to be fixed then or leave 5 days early and loose money on the site. On June 25th, Riley’s charged us $100 to come out. Jeremy, the service man, took pictures before he fixed the problem. It was absolute proof it wasn’t taped properly to start with. He told Denise Riley on the phone that we said that we shouldn’t be charged for the service call since nothing broke down, but was defected when we got it. Denise said, “That’s what they agreed to. If they don’t want to pay it, we won’t go after it”. I thought that was a very rude comment. We paid the $100, of course!! We always pay our bills. I went to Riley’s to talk to the owner on July 5th. He smirked at me the whole time. He said the AC worked when it left the shop, so he considered it in good working order, and that maybe it tore, or came loose when we used it. Trust me, it wasn’t torn or loose. It just wasn’t taped properly AT ALL! He also said that he has seen this before, (????) on several occasions. I tried to explain to him that if something actually “broke down”, we sure wouldn’t have a problem paying a service charge. But since we bought it with this problem, and not knowing about it, it would have been considerate if they didn’t charge us the cost to come out & fix it. I know other RV dealers have done just that. He didn’t mind loosing a customer for $100. So that was fine with me, too. We have told everyone we know about this and the rudeness of Riley’s RV.

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