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Auto Reviews in the Quincy Area

  • MichaelreviewedAlpha Omega Autobody

    I spotted the Alpha-Omega sign on my way home where I usually had trav... read more I spotted the Alpha-Omega sign on my way home where I usually had traveled this path many times back and forth without even noticing it. A smiley faced fellow looked on the smashed roof of my truck and in 4 minutes gave me a precise estimation, making a telephone call to the supplier asking for availability of the part, its price and delivery time. The total was well below the estimation of my insurance. I asked Hovie (that was the smiling fellow’s name) if it was possible to wrap up the work in four days. He said that he would do his best. Everything was done on the third day. My truck was stamped with a smile and we (my truck and I) both left smiling. Later I figured out that Hovie worked until very late at night in order to finish the work on time. On the first evening after I gave Hovie “the go ahead”, I decided to check out the references and reviews that customers wrote. There were none! Moreover the telephone number was different than the one on Hovie's business card. “Y-y-yah”, I said to myself, “what a wonderful world… again”. To make a long story short, Hovie along with his partner recently purchased this business and they are doing very well. The parking lot is filled with exotic cars like a 1965 Mercedes Benz, other Mercedes models with carburetors before the era of fuel injection and distributors before the era of electronic ignition. And all these beauties were shining and… smiling. They also do mechanical work. Ladies and Gentlemen, the all would be happy clients of Alpha-Omega, I will be back not necessarily as a customer if the problem arises again, but simply as a friendly visitor. And finally, the correct telephone numbers are: cell: 617-483-3495; office: 617-924-9734; fax: 617-924-9737. I hope it will appear on their new website. Thank you very much, Alpha-Omega! Michael.

  • RobertreviewedMals Service Center

    Had the misfortune of State Police or Fire Dept. calling them to pull ... read more Had the misfortune of State Police or Fire Dept. calling them to pull my car of of a snow bank in February. I was informed that it would be $140 cash or I would not be able to get my car. I had AAA, not associated with these ignorant thieves apparently, and I would not get my car until cash paid. Driver was miserable individual that seemed to enjoy having me over a barrel and finally smiled when I handed him the CASH. Horrible experience dealing with one horrible person, I would suggest finding anyone else if you have choice. Had to give 1 star because no option to give ZERO STARS.

  • AmireviewedtheCARS Company

    theCARS Company, as mentioned by other reviewers, deserves 5 star rati... read more theCARS Company, as mentioned by other reviewers, deserves 5 star ratings across all boards. Service is extremely quick (usually takes a couple hours for normal maintenance; few minutes for an oil change) and fairly priced. They have appointments open constantly and 'reservations' are easy to make. In terms of quality, I have been in there twice--once because my 'check engine' light lit up and the other for the 45,000 mile routine maintenance--and the results couldn't have been better. Problems are discovered quickly and solutions are provided even faster. What sets theCARS Company apart from any other car shop I've been to is their customer care. Point in case: recommending a cheap buff-and-polish job for the many bumps and scratches on my car as opposed to an extremely expensive paint job. Need another example? They offer discounts and coupons constantly. They don't hide them from you. In fact, make sure to politely ask if they have any available and they will respond honestly. Believe me, they've got your back and they're looking to protect your wallet. They seem genuinely interested in your best interest and not on making a quick buck. Very professional, well-organized, and reasonable prices: what else could you ask for?

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