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Auto Reviews in the Charlotte Area

  • ParkerreviewedSun City Automotive

    I had brought my car to Sun city to have my spark plugs changed out. T... read more I had brought my car to Sun city to have my spark plugs changed out. The price for my spark plugs and a replacement gasket came out to $120 but labor was over $300. I looked past that because I have been going to them in the past and maybe they did take there time and it was worth it, but when I opened my hood after the service my insulation and plastic between my intake and valve cover gasket were smashed and cracked up, again I gave them the benefit of the doubt and brought my car all the way back so they can look at the damage and they said they try to be as carful as they can and that “stuff gets brittle and old and there’s nothing you can do to prevent that” I was just asking for a simple replacement for the part and the Owner himself told me “If you think you have a showcar then work on it yourself and don’t bring it to us next time”. The owner is extremely unprofessional and does not need to be dealing with customers. I only wanted a replacement and just got mean looks and attitude from the owner and do not enough trust bringing my car on that lot anymore even for them to fix it.

  • GrettareviewedSun City Automotive

    Very friendly and reasonably priced. Trustworthy for sure!

  • BrettreviewedSun City Automotive

    SUN CITY TO THE RESCUE. Sun City Automotive , located in Fort Mill on ... read more SUN CITY TO THE RESCUE. Sun City Automotive , located in Fort Mill on Featherson Road, is the most honest and most reliable auto repair and maintenance business in this area. Regardless if you live in Rock Hill or the Pineville area, it is worth your time and money to take your vehicle to Sun City Automotive in Fort Mill. My family has trusted them for years and they have never, ever, let us down. I will be forever thankful that the professionals at Sun City rescued my daughter’s vehicle from the incompetent management and mechanics at Pep Boys in Rock Hill on N. Cherry Road. Here is my daughter’s testimony of the event. To protect your vehicles and your wallets, I encourage you to read it through: “I moved from Fort Mill to Rock Hill and my new residence is within 1/8 mile from Pep Boys. On Saturday, 11/9/2019, My car’s check engine light had come on so my fiancé took my car to Pep Boys as he believed it may be time for an oil change. Pep Boys ran a diagnostic on my car informed may finance that something wrong with my engine. They immediately upsold my fiancé from what we thought would be a standard oil change to an oil change , plus remove/replace the Gasket Set, and rotate the tires. My fiancé trusted them and spent $210.00. Four times the amount we had anticipated. He then drove my car back to our residence that is 1/8 mile away. The next afternoon, Sunday, 11/10/19, I was scheduled for work. I got in my car to drive to Fort Mill, when I noticed that my check engine light came back on. I turned off my car and checked my oil. There was no oil in my car. Nothing showed on the dipstick. I returned to Pep Boys and spoke with the managers. They gave me another oil change, and the mechanic assured me my car was safe to drive. I left Pep Boys , then after driving down the road on Interstate 77 only 3 miles, my car started smoking from the hood. I pulled off at the first exit and found a reasonably safe place to park. I called Pep Boys (in tears) and asked to speak with the manager. He informed me about the Pep Boys towing service (which I signed up for over the phone with the manager) once that was completed, I contacted them to have a tow truck come and get me. The Pep Boys towing service told me it would be about 45 minutes before a tow could come and get me. After waiting an hour, I called and found out that my information had never been relayed. They promised to send it out right away and that a tow truck would be there in 25-30 minutes. Again, after another hour, I called and spoke with a supervisor, she said that she would arrange for a tow truck for me, and again I was told it would be 25 minutes. I asked for the contact information of the tow truck, and it took her over an hour to send it to me – during that time I had called numerous times trying to find out what was going on. Finally, while I was on hold for the supervisor, I suddenly (suspiciously) got the number of the tow truck with an ETA, and was able to call the tow truck driver which is when he told me he had just gotten the information, and it would be another hour or more before he could get to me; which means I was lied to multiple times. I had spent over 5 hours waiting for a tow truck that had been promised to me in 30 minutes. It wasn’t until 7:30pm that my car was finally towed. I had spent the entire day roadside alone, waiting on a tow truck. On Monday, November 11th I contacted Pep Boys as soon as the store was opened, and spoke with the manager, to let him know I would be walking over to the store and wanted to know when they were going to be looking at my car. He told me that there were a number of appointments ahead of me, and to not bother coming over until later in the morning. After that I asked him to call me when they were ready to look at my car so I could be there. I also called my parents that morning and they asked that I call the mechanics at Sun City Automotive and tell them what had happened. I spoke with John and he immediately told me to call Pep Boys to tell them to NOT touch my car anymore. He then he had me arrange to have my car removed from Pep Boys and brought directly Sun City. I contacted Pep Boys and spoke with the manager again, to let him know that a tow truck would be by to get my car and to not touch it. At this time I was told they had just put my car in the garage to begin working on it. I arrived at Pep Boys to wait for the tow truck and to collect my keys. No one was at the counter. I waited for the manager and he was beyond rude and nasty to me – and even suggested I should have collected my own keys from the counter. Once my car was analyzed at Sun City Automotive, John told me Pep Boys had improperly installed the gasket and that is why I was losing all the oil and the engine was smoking. Furthermore, the root cause of my check engine light was not due to anything that was recommended by Pep Boys. I know now that the mechanics and management at Pep Boys used the check engine light to upsell my fiancé’ for work that did not need to be done. The net result of this was that I nearly destroying my engine, lost an entire day sitting on the side of the road, and paid more money on unnecessary repairs. This all happened in November 9th through 11th, 2019. I notified both Pep Boys on N. Cherry Road and the CEO of Pep Boys in Philadelphia, PA, via registered mail that it is only fair that Pep Boys refund me for the full amount that I was charged for unnecessary work on my car and to reimburse me for time spent on the side of the road which was my lost wages. As January 23, 2020, Pep Boys has not responded. I encourage everyone who has problems with their vehicle to stay away from Pep Boys on N. Cherry Road in Rock Hill, SC. They will seek to upcharge you and have you pay for unnecessary repairs. The mechanics and the management are not trustworthy. The management and mechanics at Sun City Automotive in Fort Mill, SC are honest, reliable, and will keep your vehicles running! They genuinely care for their customers.”

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