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RV Mechanics Reviews in the Galloway Area

  • CarolynreviewedDriftwood RV Center

    BEWARE CAMPERS: Terrible experience and poor customer service!!! Lef... read more BEWARE CAMPERS: Terrible experience and poor customer service!!! Left a brand new 41 foot RV to be serviced under warranty for air conditioner that didn’t work and received a call 3 weeks later stating that there was $400.00 worth of damage on the roof of the camper that had nothing to do with the air conditioner. When leaving the RV 3 weeks prior the roof was new but upon return after the call from owner we walked up to the camper and saw that there was damage immediately. It looked like when someone tried to lift the air conditioner unit with some type of lift and then dragged it across very front top causing the roof top to buckle. The employee who is the owner behind the service counter told us that it was as I quote “NOT HIS PROBLEM and it was a courteous call that he made to let us know that his men saw this and took pictures and if we wanted it fixed we would have to pay $ 400.00.” Right from the beginning the owner had an attitude because he did not want to check the air conditioner because it was under warranty and not until the manufacturer had to call the owner himself would they honor warranty. Oh by the way, the air conditioner leaks water all over the brand new wood furniture, fireplace and floor!!! Never again will we do business with this place I would rather pay triple and get it fixed before I will do business with someone who is dishonest and rude!! I suggest that if you are looking for a camper to buy or want your RV serviced be very careful about doing business with a company that does this kind of disservice to its patrons!

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