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Auto Reviews in the Cincinnati Area

  • POOR ENGINE Builder EBAY's Cricket Engine do not last more than 20 mi... read more POOR ENGINE Builder EBAY's Cricket Engine do not last more than 20 minutes before they fall apart!!!!!!! Allan, the Owner when called always has to call on someone else to answer the most simple questions. He claims to have 35 years experience but he must be on planet Zolton to think he is an engine builder! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. The other reviews are spot on with this company. Ebay does not help either. so he gets away with selling crap! DO NOT BUY. I BEG YOU, YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!! I am giving one star because the site does not let me give less. this is not an exaggeration everyone!!!!!! Trent

  • Where do i start? I ordered an engine from Alan in late 2014 I reci... read more Where do i start? I ordered an engine from Alan in late 2014 I recieved the engine early in 2015. It currently sits on an engine stand in pieces after only 1500 miles in a 1949 chevy truck. It was a 383 stroker turn key, with a transmission and a few other parts., it took me a little over a year to get the truck finished and start the motor for the first time. Finally, truck is driveable, time to start the break in. I followed the poorly written start up directions only to find out last that they are not exactly the right. I drive like a person that cares about his classic car. Changed the oil, added zinc, set timing the way he instructed, drove it le the instructions said for break in. I get that he can't control the environment or circumstances surrounding this build but this engine turns out to be far from a custom engine. First, he says he uses patriot heads. Wrong, he uses, procomp aluminum heads. The cheapest on the market. He used the wrong head gasket for quench calcs, cheap soft steel push rods, i had to replace mine from the excessive wear in 1500 miles. They were damaged so severely from contact with the guides that the steel had spalled and curled little metal shavings of into the oil. I dig deeper. I checked push rod length, they are factory 350 length. They are too short top be used with the roller rockers he supplied. The rockers are riding about 25* off center. The valve guide seals are substandard, allowing oil into the head, constantly fouling plugs. I pulled the heads, cylinder walls are scared and now need to be rebored. Now the trust is gone. I have the engine out of the truck. Pulled the pistons out, rings are installed incorrectly. They are supposed to be rotated about 120 degrees from each other. Not the case here. On 3 of the pistons, all rings were aligned in same quadrant allowing blowby, and contributing to plug fouling. I have pictures and video documenting the issues, and the tear down when more discoveries of poor quality are revealed. Beware. You aren't getting a good motor from Cricket motors. He is not a builder, he is a engine assembler and substandard at that. I base that accusation solely on the product i recieved from them. They are happy to talk to you about the motor, start up procedures, and care. As soon as there are issues, they stop answering the phone. Bottom line, stay away. There are much better engine builders, that are priced comparable and they will use quality parts.

  • Until this company responds to my complaints this review will stay up!... read more Until this company responds to my complaints this review will stay up! Horrible engine build!!!!!! do not buy from this company! had problems from the beginning and he counts on the fact that you will not remove your engine to send it to him for his "warranty" its all bullshit!. Avoid the hassles I am currently going through. The Owner was nice right up until you get past the ebay 60 day review process then he is non-responsive and you cant leave a review on ebay. Issues with this transaction for me. 1. paid for residential shipping but had to meet the shipper at a commercial location. Cricket refused to refund my added shipping charge. 2. received engine in cradle with loose bolts and cradle barely hanging on the pallet. 3.uppon inspection of the engine, noted that multiple loose Intake manifold bots were loose. 4. could never get to idle per the specifications with qualified mechanic 5. cam bolt backed out and sheared the pin on my 347 stroker engine (brand new less than 20 minute run time) contacted Alan, he told me to repair it myself and he would refund me a few dollars. piss Poor!!!!! 6. Motor blowing large amounts blue smoke to the point that I finally sent it to a mechanic. He found that the head gaskets were installed backwards covering up the water jackets which caused immediate overheating from the beginning which lead to all of the issues with the engine. 7. it cause 2 piston wall gouging, and metal to be sent throughout the oil pump and engine internals. I have tried many calls and now formally sending cricket engine notifications on ebay and paypal. it wasn't until Paypal froze $6,200 of his account that he finally sent me a text. PISS POOR BUSIENSS! even in all that I did not charge cricket engine to pull the engine or re-install it nor have I charged them to fix the cam shaft issue in the beginning. I simply asked that I be reimbursed for the current failure for their neglect with this engine. my local shop has a brand new Chevy 383 engine that had all the rotating assembly needs replacing and another call with a gentleman that called about sending his engine in. this is all to my one local shop. HOW many are out there? I told Alan that he has someone in his shop and no Quality control is being done. he doesn't want to hear that. I have tried to be amicable but now he has pushed me to take these drastic steps to recover my losses. Please please do your homework BEFORE entering into a business transaction with this company CRICKET ENGINES in OHIO. Jarrett

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