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Auto Reviews in the West Chester Area

  • SuenitareviewedDave's Auto Service

    Very professional and caring

  • I am really surprise that you are requesting a survey from us after pr... read more I am really surprise that you are requesting a survey from us after providing such a lousy service, or lack of service for our Mazda Tribute that you totally destroyed, causing us to junk same. After collecting over $1,600 from us, only to have the vehicle towed to our home for onward transmission to the Junk Yard; you were so interested in receiving your "REPAIR COST," that you forgot to put you had dismantled back on the vehicle before releasing it to the tow truck operator, after insisting, and receiving your "REPAIR COST," that I had to call you to my home to put what you had dismantled together; what a shame; I wish AAA could read this review and take you off their list of recommended auto centers; you are giving AAA a bad image by having you on their list. Anyway, the vehicle is off our hands now, thanks to you; as for recommendation, we suggest that your outfit be listed as a SAVAGE CENTER,OR BETTER STILL, XAVIER'S AUTO SAVAGE CENTER.

  • Sam at first was extremely kind. I later realized that was only to ree... read more Sam at first was extremely kind. I later realized that was only to reel me in. There was still issues with my truck after they fixed it . I called Sam he made me wait a solid week until he looked at it again , hE said they found nothing wrong with it. I called him again 3 days later still complaining there’s something wrong with my truck. He made me wait another week to look at it, charged me again. To say they found nothing wrong it after They drove it four times. 1.5 weeks later I called Sam from the Highway, basically broke down. I was only able to literally drive under 5 mph. I told him my truck was smoking and was making the same noise I’ve been complaining about. I explained to him the smell that was coming from my truck along with where the smoke was coming from. How amazing Sam knew exactly what the problem was, yet he’s been telling me for weeks nothing was wrong with my truck. The problem was my brake was stuck and hanging down, the truck got so hot it melted my calibers etc Sam was charging me over $1300 to fix it. I asked him if he could take some money off beings though I had my truck in there two more times AFTER they fixed it complaining about the way it was driving and the noise it was making. He refused!! Don’t trust them! Their crooks!!! I called another mechanic shop. Explained what needed to be fixed according to Kirkwood auto. My truck was towed from there and towed to Sevy’s auto who fixed it for under $800.00 Don’t trust Kirkwood auto they are crooks. I asked for the old parts they fixed and they said they couldn’t find them. Yea sure. Like I believed that

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