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  • I recently used this auto shop, but I will never again and suggest no ... read more I recently used this auto shop, but I will never again and suggest no one use this shop. I called this shop and asked if he could fix the a/c on my SUV. I needed this fixed by 6/19/21, because I was going to buy my wedding dress and have my bridesmaids fitted in their dresses. He assured that I would have my car back in time so we could all go to the event in nice cold air and comfort throughout the trip. I asked for a quote, and he said we could drop it off on Tuesday (6/15/21) and he would put together an estimate and did not see an issue having it fixed prior to my event. Tuesday, I brought the SUV to the shop and asked for an estimate on the repair. He said he would put dye in the a/c and find the leak and then he could give me an estimate. Wednesday, he called and said there was 2 a/c hoses that needed to be replaced and he was going to get them from a dealership. I asked if it was okay if I ordered the parts myself to save money and he said that was fine. I told him the expected delivery date was going to be Friday of the same week and he told me that I needed to run them to him, and he would have them put on and fixed that same day. Great right? I received the parts on Friday (6/18/21) and took them to his shop. While dropping the parts off, I again asked for an estimate. He told me he needed to write up the freon cost for the diagnostics and the dye but would call me later with an estimate. Because he seemed so friendly, I agreed to wait for his call. Later that same day, I started to call him around 3:00 because I was getting worried about the time frame. Remember, I had a dress fitting on the following day and still had no estimate or anything. After several calls and messages, he calls me at 6-6:30PM after the shop was closed and told me that “I am not going to be able to start on the vehicle, we got buried in some brake jobs and they were filling the bays and because they were waiting on parts, they had to remain in the bay unfinished until the parts came in. The main reason we went was this shop was because of the assured promise of having it finished by the date we needed which was 6/19/21. He told me that I could come and pick the vehicle up or wait and Monday he would call me and then they would start the repair and finish it that day. Well, I was upset because this was a major setback but picking up the car would not have done me any good because it was still unfinished and still, keep in mind, I had no estimate of the repair cost. I made it to the fitting, although we all had to take separate vehicles and almost did not make it on time because I could not pick up anyone as planned, they had to come to me. Monday comes around and we go about our day, around 2:30-3:00PM we had not heard from him. We call the shop. No answer. He calls back and says that the vehicle was finished and has been finished since 11:00AM that morning. He said something else I could not make out and said he would send me a text. The text comes through, and it is a final bill for $845. WHAT! Keep in mind I was calling to see about the estimate yet again, and if they were going to start on it because he never called me on Monday like he said. Nope, this was the final bill. I was livid! I asked him why there was so no quote and why it was so much if they started the job at 9:00AM when they opened, and finished at 11:00? He told me that they had started on Friday. I told him, Remember, you told me that the bay’s were full and you could not start on my vehicle because you were waiting on parts for those unfinished brake jobs.” He said again that they started on Friday night. I told him that we talked at around 6PM maybe later, so why would they start later that night when you are closed after 5 and you said there was no way to start it until Monday. On top of that, you never gave me an estimate to approve! I again asked how 2 hours of labor equates to $845, he said that it was not hourly it was a flat rate job. SO, I asked him why, if it were a flat rate, could you not give me an estimate when I asked for it several different times! I have recently sent a certified letter and plan on pursuing legally.

  • I took my car to get an estimate for repairing an oil leak. The servic... read more I took my car to get an estimate for repairing an oil leak. The service manager was really exceptional at explaining what was wrong with my car and giving me advice on what to do next. Thanks, Car Care Import & Domestic Service.

  • Had a terrible experience with this business, and when I posted my exp... read more Had a terrible experience with this business, and when I posted my experience on social media, the owner engaged in a day-long argument with me and others who were also expressing their terrible experiences. She verbally attacked anyone who opposed her and her business. She posted business paperwork which had our personal information on it, including our cell phone, home address, and our vehicle information. Truly unprofessional.

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