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  • I was ready to leave Loyd Park in Grand Prairie and the front air leve... read more I was ready to leave Loyd Park in Grand Prairie and the front air leveling system was leaking air and would not raise the motorhome. Not drivable. So, I called Quality RV repair who I've done business with before, but turn out they don't work on the Freightliner chassis. Seconds later she is giving me Tommy's name and number. I called it but got voicemail. It was getting late in the day. My family had already gone home, so I called and arranged for another night, thinking Tommy probably would not call back. But a short time later Tommy did call. Said he would be out soon. Soon was very soon as it turned out. You don't find service people like Tommy very often. He crawled under the bus and determined the valve needed to be replaced. He called several places and left with the bad valve as one place said the may have one. Turns out no, but Freightliner Dallas did and he put it in will call. I drove to Dallas and picked up the part that night. Tommy met me back at the campsite 7 ish the next morning and fixed it. Apparently this part had been partially bad for a long time. My Motorhome rides better, handles better, is much quitter and sets higher then before. When I park I can tell the volume of air being released is much greater than bofore. Can't say enough good about Tommy. He gave me a very reasonable rate for his labor as well. We need more Tommy's in the world. Ken

  • I got a rock chip on my front window about the size of a dime. I call... read more I got a rock chip on my front window about the size of a dime. I call 1st Class Auto Glass because they were one of the first sites to pop up when searching on the web. When the guy arrived at my house he was with a different company. After he repaired my window I raised the concern that it still looked the same as before he started. He said not to worry, guaranteed it was fixed and said they would replace the window if the crack spread from this chip. The next day I called back 1st Class Auto Glass to let them know my concern and ask for a receipt from them instead of this other company. I also find out that they contracted out the work to this guy without letting my know. Two days later the crack spread across my window beyond repair. When I called back 1st Class Auto Glass he said they never warranty the window and could only give me the original $70 toward the price of a new window if I have them do the work. I asked why they do not warranty their work when It was clearly not completed correctly. He told me I didn't know what I was talking about, they will not pay for anything and hung up the phone. I have never dealt with a more rude individual on the phone. If you are looking to get a crack fixed look to a more reputable company, I wish I would have. Now I will need to pay nearly $1000 to get my window replaced! There is no recourse for a bad repair on their part. If the window breaks they either keep the money from the chip repair or you have to use them to replace the window. Either way they win and you lose!! DO NOT use 1st Class Auto Glass. Horrible service, horrible treatment, horrible company.

  • Samanthareviewed1st Class Auto Glass

    I have never had to replace my windshield before, just clueless! Heard... read more I have never had to replace my windshield before, just clueless! Heard good things about Curtis and his company so I thought I would give it a try. I called him and he talked me through step by step what I needed to get done. And being easy on the wallet also! Him and his team was great. Came to my work in less than an hour I made my appointment, and they were in and out in no time. They even gave a quote to my co worker! Good people, very helpful and did an amazing job on my car. They have found a life long customer for sure.

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