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Auto Reviews in the Houston Area

  • AllenreviewedAdams Automotive

    Always impressed with the care and support by the employees! Cody was... read more Always impressed with the care and support by the employees! Cody was great to work with it! Took the time to explain everything to me as work progressed and loved him sending the videos of work in progress! However, the work took multiple weeks to diagnose an engine light that ultimately only required a reset and then it was fine. For a few weeks I had to rent a car which added costs to me. I understand there were some delays with getting into the queue l, but had no idea it would take multiple weeks. This included an explanation that the technician was not available during one of the weeks. Also, it was never clear to me why after running diagnostics early on that a decision was made to simply reset the sensor - it feels like this could have been done a lot sooner than a few weeks time. I do appreciate the team catching the leaking boots on the axle. Apparently Range Rover sent the wrong parts after the sensor solution was resolved, but I’m hindsight that resulted in several more days in delay due to the wrong parts being delivered. I’m hindsight this could have been avoided if the parts would have been ordered in parallel of the diagnostic work on the sensor. Lastly, when I went to pick up the vehicle, you forgot to do the inspection for inspection sticker so I had to then wait in the lobby. You guys are great and I will continue to use you, but this work didn’t go as well as I know you would like and I would like. Again, Cody did a great job and everyone I interfaced with was also great. I do appreciate working with you guys……..

  • DonreviewedAdams Automotive

    I called to set up a free estimate because I heard what sounded like g... read more I called to set up a free estimate because I heard what sounded like grinding on my passenger rear brakes. I had gone to Adams years ago with a different vehicle I owned and I felt like they were fair. As soon as I arrived it just felt off. They took my wheels off and it was exactly what I thought. I needed new brake pads for my rears. The tech then tells me that I need new rotors and calipers as well. This isn’t my first rodeo and immediately knew something was up. They were very pushy to start “now”. I told them I was busy and was heading out of town. I then waited for my vehicle and the manager came out and tried to pressure me into fixing the issue as I waited. I told him “I don’t even have a price so no. I was late for a meeting and was headed out of town that evening.” He begrudgingly accepted my answer and brought me my vehicle. They then told me my cost was $600 for the brakes and $200 for a brake flush. Again, not my first rodeo and I know what things cost. I ended up getting the whole thing done for $300

  • KirkreviewedOrion Auto Service

    My 2007 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet (997) was running rough, misfiring a... read more My 2007 Porsche Carrera Cabriolet (997) was running rough, misfiring and had an ongoing slow coolant leak. Marlon and his Team not only repaired everything, but did so in a timely and cost-effective manner (for a Porsche). Marlon and his Team have been keeping my older (2007 997 - 128K miles), on the road for more than a decade, however, this visit was different (in a good way). Orion has a new diagnostic system that actually identified all current problems and indicated future repairs or maintenance. I have referred others to Orion Auto Service and will continue to do so. I will never go a Porsche Dealership again, and if you do you are making a bad decision that will cost you money and grief.

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