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Auto Reviews in the San Antonio Area

  • This shop has many problems. Its hard to get a completion time from th... read more This shop has many problems. Its hard to get a completion time from the manager or Molly. they have many excuses of why its not getting done. They have no quality control person. They gave me my vehicle back after waiting 4 times longer than the insurance adjuster estimated. So of course it complicated getting another vehicle to use while they take their time in repairing it. Once I got my vehicle back it had several issues so I had to take it back, arrange for another car and wait another week. It took them a week to do a few simple issues that they created or failed to address while they had it the first time. I would give them zero stars if I could. Avoid this shop.

  • KennethreviewedDales Collision Repair

    I dropped my truck off on May 9th. The truck was to be repaired from ... read more I dropped my truck off on May 9th. The truck was to be repaired from the recent hail storm. Most of the damage was on the roof, front windshield, and sunroof. The insurance company decided to replace the whole roof. A few days after the drop off date, I received a phone call stating that the roof they ordered, arrived damaged and they would need to order another on. The roof was on "back order" and wouldn't arrive until the 24th of May. I said ok, as there was not much I can do about that, but I questioned if that was even the case. Personally, I do not believe they even tried to order the roof until the few days after they had my truck. They then realized that the roof was on back order and tried to pass it off as the first roof "arrived damage." Again I don't know what happened for sure, just that now they wouldn't even be able to initiate repair until the 24th of May. The 24th of May comes and goes. I haven’t heard any update from the collision shop. I give them a call to get an update around May 30th. They tell me that the repair is being started and the truck is in the "tear down process." It would be a couple of weeks. Again I question this. How long does it take to repair a vehicle? The vehicle for the most part only needs the roof replaced, and a few dents here and there. But again there isn't anything I can do except accept this and wait. The truck is now projected to be repaired by the second or third week of June. Again, no update from the company. The second and third week arrive and I have not heard anything back. So once again, I the customer, have to contact them to get an update on my vehicle. They tell me it is still being repaired, and it will be completed the middle to end of the next week (week of 20th-24th). This week comes and is almost over. I call them AGAIN on the 23rd (Thursday) and ask if the vehicle is finished. They tell me it is waiting on the sunroof to come in. They need the sunroof to arrive so they can put that on and the windshield and the roof inliner. They tell me they double checked and the sunroof is scheduled to arrive on this day (Thursday the 23rd). Once it arrives they will finish up the repair and it might be done on that day, or sometime on Friday. The day comes and go's. I call them up again today on Friday the 24th. They tell me the sunroof did not arrive yesterday. It is supposed to arrive sometime today and they will try and finish up the truck and it MIGHT get finished today. If not they are closed on the weekend so it won't be done until Monday the 27th. If the truck is not completed until June 29th, that would mean they were repairing my truck for 49 days. 49 days!?!? I asked them how come they told me they checked and the sunroof was still scheduled on time for delivery yesterday. And now they are telling me it isn't supposed to arrive until today? And most importantly, how come they had me drop off my truck on May 9th. And here we are almost 50 days later, and we are waiting for a sunroof? They person I spoke to had no answer for these questions. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he told me none were there and he would have one call me sometime later on today. Since I have not received my truck back, I cannot speak on their level of quality in the repair. Hopefully there will not be any screw ups causing them to have my truck even longer. They need to seriously step back and take a look at their repair process. What kind of repair shop repairs someone’s vehicle for almost two months? Why would you even accept the vehicle for repair, if you did not have the parts on hand and ready to go? Why would you still be ordering and waiting on parts almost 50 days after you scheduled for the customer to drop off the vehicle? Why do you not communicate the steps of repair to the customer and keep them in the loop on everything? How come a supervisor is not present to handle the customer’s complaints and concerns? And why on earth would you find an almost 2 month repair acceptable?

  • RichardreviewedBracken Collision 281

    Fast friendly service. Made all repairs, delt with Insurance claim in ... read more Fast friendly service. Made all repairs, delt with Insurance claim in a friendly and efficient manner. Thanks... GREAT JOB..

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