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Austin Repair in Annapolis

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Auto Reviews in the Annapolis Area

  • Best shop in town. Very Professional

  • LorireviewedColumbia Auto Care

    I am new to the state of Maryland as of February 2022, and initially r... read more I am new to the state of Maryland as of February 2022, and initially received an inspection a year ago with Columbia Auto. With the first inspection, my vehicle failed due to tinted windows. I requested that the tent be removed, and the mechanic informed me that they were not able to do so, and agreed to pass inspection, although the tinted windows would remain. Instead of suggesting that I find another place to have the tint removed. With the second inspection on March 10, 2023, the vehicle failed due to the ticket windows again. Again the inspection Failed due to the tint in the windows. The mechanic decided not to let the inspection pass and told me that the mechanics license would be at risk if he allowed this to pass. This did not seem to be the issue back in March of last year. Therefore, wanting to charge me $150 to have the tint removed. I am not happy with the fact that this mechanic shop was not consistent with processing the inspection. I will take my vehicle to have the tint removed and pay half of the price someplace else. I have no issue that state regulations require that the tint should be removed. I just don’t like inconsistency and dishonesty with shops. I will notify the DMV of the issue and whoever else needs to be notified. I also choose not to use the shop in the future. I will not recommend any of my family members or friends to do so as well.

  • JohnreviewedMotor World

    They were able to fix my problem fast and for a fair price.

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