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Auto Reviews in the Richmond Area

  • I was told my car would be inspected and ready by the time you close ... read more I was told my car would be inspected and ready by the time you close on same day regardless of having an appointment, and was not informed that it wasn't taken care of until I called at 5:30pm Monday the 12th (the day it was supposed to be ready) to see if my car was ready to be picked up when y’all close at 6. The lack and poor communication from your team resulted in me having to last minute figure out how I was going to get to work the next day. This also then resulted in my car having to be parked longer than it should have been on the street due to there being no room on your lot while you have your own luxury cars sitting in the lot. Since my car was in your care longer than it needed to be due to the lack of communication, my car got side swept in your care which I was then told you all are not reliable since it was parked on the street which is where you tell your customers to park their cars all the time. When I asked to speak to the manager about this incident, I was told they didn’t have time to speak to me but I can email the photos that show the damage to my car so that they can contact me. I never heard back. Because of how terrible this experience has been, I will no longer be taking my car to rva tire and auto for service.

  • It was an awful experience - spent over $2K for nothing- didn't fix th... read more It was an awful experience - spent over $2K for nothing- didn't fix the problem and had car for an extended time while you tried 3 or 4 parts- wasn't until you got correct VW part from VW that that part fit- which turned out not to be even the problem - in the meantime had to pay $ 40/day in Uber fees to get back and forth to work. In the end it needed a new camshaft which is also a few thousand dollars- bottom line you should not take on VW cars since you don't have correct diagnostic tools to diagnose problems- your mess up is costing us over $2k - such a disappointment. Someone was supposed to callback and try to remedy this travesty and no one ever did!

  • JohnathanreviewedAutomotive Concepts

    I have used 4 Automotive shops over the past 34 years I have lived in ... read more I have used 4 Automotive shops over the past 34 years I have lived in Midlothian. Some for convenience on small stuff like inspections or oil changes. I would have used Automotive Concepts more regularly but due to the demand for their 5 star level of service you must plan in advance to get your car in via scheduling. Well Oct 18th changed everything. I was in St. Augustine FL with family and grandchildren and the local Dealer had looked at my truck for loss of Coolant. Head gasket Blown and needs new engine but they cannot get one from the manufacturer nor could I get a remanufactured engine like Jasper. Truck is a 2017 with over 144K on Odometer! I paid $570 and had the truck shipped home and I also paid the $450 diagnostics fee to the dealer and another $650 in one way rental charges to Enterprise. i took several weeks to find, secure and have shipped a replacement engine. Meanwhile I knew I did not want the other shops to handle this I wanted Automotive concepts. I was very concerned I would not be able to get my truck back before year end. Jem and his team including Jake did a complete lift of the Body from the frame and did the entire replacement. All totaled the engine I bought and Automotive concepts charges came to just at $9500. The engine is not new or remanufactured because none were available NATIONWIDE! But with only 22754 miles on the Odometer, the replacement engine it feels like new. Included with the engine install Jim and Jake went through suspension and other systems and did replacements of components that at 144k miles needed to be redone. I am one very happy customer as my truck now feels like it is brand new and at $9500 I could never come close to finding a replacement vehicle! I immediately brought in another vehicle to have the suspension done and for any vehicle work in the future I will be going to Automotive Concepts. BTW as a financial Advisor the largest client I had was a Automotive firm out of Fairfax that sold out to Monroe Tire and Muffler in 2007 for $12 Million. I worked with that company for over 25 years and I knew every one of their technicians. It doesn't come any better than Automotive Concepts! 5 Stars all the way!

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