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Auto Reviews in the Portland Area

  • DO NOT GO HERE!!!Took my vehicle in because my heater wasn't working. ... read more DO NOT GO HERE!!!Took my vehicle in because my heater wasn't working. They fixed that, they fixed the water pump(stating that they took apart the motor and fixed that)...when we picked it up Bob did tell us that he drove our vehicle (he charged us for fuel to fill it up) to make sure everything worked. (Sounds like something they would do)We drove it straight home after the repair shop. We were going to take it to go shopping and it was a hot day so we turned it on to cool it down as we have a child. HOWEVER Now the issue was the Ac wasnt working (which it was working perfectly fine before we took it to 808) we took it back, Bob stated the ac refrigerant was empty.... (how!!??? we didnt drive it anywhere it was parked after we got it...)They filled it up. Took it straight home again. After parking it we noticed that there was a puddle underneath the car... Called 808 back, on the phone call Bob stated the exact words" maybe she drove it around and got a rock stuck in the radiator... gee that was very specific." We havent driven it other then to the repair shop and back. There are no gravel roads on the way to or from the repair shop and our property... Took it back to 808,who now states there is infact a rock and a crack... THATS VERY SPECIFIC TO THE WORDS HE STATED OF WHAT IT MAY BE and that I had done...VERY CONVINIENT.(Thinking back when he did state he drove it around to make sure the heater worked) Now it's another 1300 to fix the Ac ontop of the 2500 we already paid for the heater not working. THEY BROKE OUR AC AND NOW WE NEED TO PAY FOR IT TO BE FIXED!!!!!!!! THIS COMPANY IS FRAUDULENT AND SHOULD BE CLOSED. THEY CREATE A PROBLEM SO YOU KEEP COMING BACK TO THEM. NOT THE FIRST CUSTOMERS THAT THIS HAPPENED TO AND IT WONT BE THE LAST. I'f you want your vehicle to be fixed don't take it here. We were long time customers, after this we will never recommend and will be telling everyone to avoid.

  • ElenareviewedAccurate Motorwerks

    Car runs like new. Wish I did.

  • Great Job as always!!

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