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Auto Reviews in the Baltimore Area

  • sherryreviewedVinces Motors Inc

    have been coming for 2+ years now. initial visit was for an engine pr... read more have been coming for 2+ years now. initial visit was for an engine problem that no one else had been able to fix (4 diff places!) and they did! good service, good prices - i'll keep coming back!

  • The price of the vehicle I purchased changed (increased $300.42 by his... read more The price of the vehicle I purchased changed (increased $300.42 by his wife ) from the agreed upon original vehicle price I made with Mr. M--- after I signed and closed the bill of sale with him. This increase affected the amount financed. When I brought this matter to the attention of Salim (his wife) , she stated that the finance company was charging me the $300.42 for not paying cash and because they were financing the balance of the sell for me. I contacted the financial institution WL and the representative stated that their company does not charge such a fee. The finance company was concerned that bogus information was being given to customer. I immediate called the salesman and his wife. I left a message for the wife. I spoke to M---- who stated that this fee was the Ameri-Benz doc fee. I told him I had already been billed a doc fee of $29.00. He told me to contact his wife, who will not return my calls. I have been calling the salesman and his wife since 3/2/2016 (made my concern known on 3/1/16) to date. I have called the dealership twice to try to resolve this matter to obtain a refund for the erroneous fees she assessed me. I have placed 7 telephone calls collectively to the owner and to his wife (who prepared the loan papers) and to date neither of them will return my telephone call.

  • joanreviewedCharm City Auto

    Went there on Oct 16, 2015 for a simple oil change, have already filed... read more Went there on Oct 16, 2015 for a simple oil change, have already filed with the BBB, car was running fine, told me I needed a qt of transmission fluid, I said fine, the minute I left the car began bucking, that was a Friday, please also note I am a female, on Saturday really didn't drive much as my son took me to PA in his car but when I did in the early am still the same problem, bucking and not shifting appropriately. On Sunday took the car to Walmart, much worse, it actually shut off, check engine light came on, cruise control light came on, had to turn off car, wait, gingerly start back up and ease my way back home. I called my mechanic. He came over. Let's start with the fact that I was 1 1/2 quarts low on oil (2 days after an oil change) and my transmission fluid was bone dry), he put 2 1/2 quarts of transmission fluid in, told me to go to work the next day have the guys pull it in the shop and hook it up to see if it throws any codes and then go over it with a fine tooth comb. See what Charm City didn't know is that I really hate to bother my mechanics for an oil change so I go there, but I've been working with mechanics for 16 years, so they pulled my car in the shop went over it and still had to add another quart of transmission fluid. My certified mechanics have told me that either charm city pulled the transmission plug and drained the tranny fluid or they used a fluid evacuator, when I confronted the owner who took offense to my language and really who wouldn't be pissed, he could have blown up my transmission..he lied, he said a fluid evacuator takes an hours...sorry bud....5 to 8 minutes....his mechanic lied and said he put 6 quarts of oil in my car...first off...why would you put 6 quarts when you only need to put 5 and you didn't put 5...liar...I don't care that you've been in business for 26 years, you saw a female coming in who never uses you for service and you thought you could get some service work from me, so you drained my tranny fluid and then had the gall to ask why I didn't come back, because you are untrustworthy, BEWARE ONE AND ALL. I have 2 certified mechanics that will testify to my story. This place needs to be investigated!!!!

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