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Auto Reviews in the Fremont Area

  • AjreviewedGateway Auto

    This is not a typical auto repair/body shop. I appreciate good custome... read more This is not a typical auto repair/body shop. I appreciate good customer service and know innovation when I see it. For a small family owned business in La Vista, I'm impressed at the quality and care. You'll see me back!

  • LisareviewedNissan of Omaha

    First, Finance guy told us that the warranty covers anything under the... read more First, Finance guy told us that the warranty covers anything under the hood and anything that makes the car go. That was a lie. Finance guy said we could only use warranty at Nissan, that was a lie. Next day after we bought the car we brought it in. The check engine light was on. They found out that coil packs were bad, this was about 6 hours after buying it. They had the car for about 5 days. Apparently this went bad within the 6 hours we had it. The second time we brought the car in was for an oil leak, sending unit, and the oil gauge was not reading. They said there was no leak and the gauge did not get fixed. Customer fixed gauge on own time. The third time the car was brought in for the wheel clunking and oil leak. No oil leak or issues that would cause a clunking noise were detected. I broke down after the car was in for the third time. The heating hose broke. The maintenance papers that the dealership gave me states the service department inspects ALL hoses every time the car is in their care. The car was in their care 4 times prior to this. I had to pay for a tow because of this. When a I had to bring the car in again Ryan says, so do you want us to check the hoses? Ummm, yes, it is in your paperwork this is a requirement on your part. This proves they are not. The fourth time the car was brought in for an oil leak. They found it had a steering rack issue. The steering rack was replaced with a cheap aftermarket part. (Your warranty though them will only cover aftermarket parts.) We were not informed that our warranty would only cover the cheapest parts made, no matter what quality. Since our car has been returned to us, the brake is vibrating and the wheel is popping. Nissan of Omaha called me and told me they were having issues with the part/car and had to have the car for longer. This problem can be from them or the aftermarket part. I had called separately and reserved a courtesy car. They didn’t know I needed one and I had to wait for one. Receptionist did not reserve on for me, after I had called separately to reserve one, clearly she didn't. There is a total of $2,600 of oil leaks in the car. Rodney, Sales Manager, said that Nissan would cover 1,000 of oil leaks and we would need to cover another 1,000. However, when this situation was brought up, Rodney crosses the rear main seal off the list of items that needed to be fixed. If we would have never challenged what they were making us pay for, they would have had us pay for the rear main seal which is $1,164.42. But all of a sudden that isn't leaking within 30 minutes of them giving me the paper trying to charge me for it. We were informed by the receptionist that we would be speaking to the person over sales and service. This was proven later to be false, as Rodney is not ahead of both departments. I have made another appointment for the new issues. I called Ryan and he never called me back. I called back the next day, before the end of the day, and he made it clear that he had no intention of calling me back. Typical. Jason Jones, President of Nissan of Omaha, has not returned our phone call in 5 full weeks. There have been an total of $6,000 worth of repairs that have needed to happen to this car since purchase, according to Nissan of Omaha. I took my car into H&H Chevrolet after I was informed I can use the warranty anywhere. (The finance person told me it would only be good there, hence, why I was only going to Nissan of Omaha.) Also, Ryan did not want to work with me anymore once I wanted to take the Tahoe to a Chevrolet dealership of my choice, he only wanted me to take it to the dealership of his choice. H&H said there are no oil leaks on the car and the vibrating brake is directly related to Nissan no putting on control arms properly. The control arms were going to fall off the car. This is a very dangerous and potentially fatal incident that could have occurred. Nissan needs to send me a check for the fee from H&H. Nissan of Omaha mechanic road in the car with me and told me it was just a coincidence that this was happening after they worked on the car. H&H proved this to be false. Ryan heard the sound and told me something is wrong with the ABS and the car definitely has something wrong with it. But mechanic says it's all coincidence! Also, Nissan of Omaha unscrewed a cap that was causing oil to leak underneath my car. There are no oil leaks in the car per H&H. Also, Nissan of Omaha gave me the multi inspection form that included yellow shaded boxes. H&H informed me this is not true & all lies.

  • NathanreviewedAuto Station

    These people are incredible. I drive a Land Rover Discovery, which bre... read more These people are incredible. I drive a Land Rover Discovery, which breaks often and usually requires special parts, extra know-how, and extra time to fix. Whenever I show up, the staff always walks through a diagnostic workup with me, and makes sure to ask in-depth questions about what is happening with my car. I can tell they truly care about getting my machine up and running to the highest degree possible. Every encounter I've had with the staff here is warm, welcoming, and interested. The people at Auto Station truly do "Exceptional" work. They are above and beyond the normal, and I cannot recommend them to a higher degree. -Nathan

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