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Auto Reviews in the Ellwood City Area

  • SandyreviewedForeign Fix

    These guys are the best - honest, professional and timely. I am there ... read more These guys are the best - honest, professional and timely. I am there every couple of months with my Saab, and they always do a great job. When my gas gauge stopped working, they even told me that the cost was an awful lot to put into a car that has this many problems, so I didn't have the work one. What car place does that? Highly recommend this excellent family business! Sandy W

  • BUYER BEWARE!!! On July 10, 2017, I arrived at the dealership and met ... read more BUYER BEWARE!!! On July 10, 2017, I arrived at the dealership and met w/ salesman Jason to test drive a 2011 jeep liberty w/ 66,000 miles. Upon entering the vehicle the driver side window switch wlwould not go up and the windshield wipers were torn. Jason assured me these would be repaired. During the test drive, I told Jason I would be using this vehicle to drive across county to az and asked if he felt confident the vehicle would be safe and suitable. He responded stating, "these are machines and we can't quarantee anything, but we do thorough inspections of our vehicles". He reported he would be comfortable putting his wife or daughter in this vehicle for the trip- I quess he doesn't like then much....I was also told my trade in vehicle, a 2008 mazda had "transmission problems" and they could not give me more than $2000 for my trade- my error, I agreed to this trusting their word. We agreed to a monthly payment of $325 and i purchased a warranty in which Jason stated he would "give you a step up to the next one" (meaning the 36,000 miles as opposed to 30,000)-which he did not. When i went in to sign the paperwork i was given a payment of $354 mo. Jason did make good on giving an additional  $300 for my trade to get the payment closer to the agreed upon payment. I drove the car home that night with the agreement it was to be brought back the following monday for repair to windshield wipers and window switch replaced. On my way home, the time on the radio would not remain set, the speakers went out and change oil light came on. 5 days later, the vehicle had to be towed due to a dead battery. It was repaired at the jeep dealership at a cost of $224. I contacted car connection to report issues with radio and they had me bring the car in. They reported it was a safety switch due to changing the battery and returned the car to me with windshield wipers still broken, oil light still on and window switch still broken, and speakers still not working. I took the vehicle to another facility to have oil changed, windshield wipers replaced and was told it also needed an air filter total cost $59. Three weeks later, the check engine light came on, brake light came on and air conditioner went out. Results of diagnostic- leak in power steering, fuel leak, air condenser leak. Total cost of repairs $1300 plus 1 wk in garage (resulting in $294 for rental car and $49.99 for hotel room). I was told by the jeep dealership mechanic these are all things that would have been visually noted upon inspection as Jason had stated had been done. 10 days after getting these repairs, my wheel came loose and i was told the lug nuts on the vehicle are bad and had to be replaced. Total $269. So before I made my first car payment on this vehicle my total cost - 2197.99- AND the window switch is not repaired and the speakers still do not work. Stay away from this place!!! They are horrible individuals, they are liars, their vehicles are crap, they give fraudulent information, they are scammers and they do nothing for you once you drive off the lot. Jason reported to me I could have confidence in knowing "you have a good vehicle now" referring to my mazda ( which i owned 4 yrs and drove 32,000 without ever having to have towed or repaired outside of regular maintenance) - but it was "a piece of crap" and you couldn't give me anything for it. Well Jason, thanks for the confidence. In 7 wks I've had this vehicle towed 3 times,spent a total of 14 days in garage, and spent over $2000( before I even made my first payment) in repairs and was stranded in new mexico alone with no phone service in 110 temps no a/c and 3 animals in the car in the middle of the night. I'm glad this is what you reported as being something you'd be okay with happening to your wife or child. Great character and integrity with yourself and employees.

  • Last minute accommodation --they were willing to stay late to do an oi... read more Last minute accommodation --they were willing to stay late to do an oil change on our truck as a favor to us even though they had no open appointments left. We were so grateful because we needed it done before a weekend trip. Exceptional customer service and quality work has always been our experience with them. Thank you so much!

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