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Auto Reviews in the Fort Worth Area

  • I’m emailing again cause it seems to have gone unnoticed and taken dow... read more I’m emailing again cause it seems to have gone unnoticed and taken down off the google reviews, iv felt with two different managers now. The first one promised to resolve the incident after providing a prof of purchase. I faxed over copies of the receipt, he said he would reach back out, I contracted covid then went back to work trying to catch up, a year later I contacted customer service again they forwarded it to the current manager Jacob, after delaying the incident again he asked what I wanted done I told him reimbursed for the bag he said that is what the company would do. He asked for an email of the receipt so I emailed it to him and now two weeks later iv called three times and get an excuse that he is in a meeting, he’s out of office, he’s not available. It’s been a year now and no results. Im emailing hoping for a resolution. I dropped my vechile off for repairs in June of 2021 the ins sent me there because it was close to my house, so I drop the car off there’s a pre existing malfunction of the relay prior to the accident which has absolutely nothing to do with the repairs. dropping my car off after work so I forget to clean it out. Before they take it, I shove my emergency wristlet Louie Vittoun, which I carry in my car for in case of an emergency and I don’t wanna take it and lose it.The bag contained 300$,my permanent residents card and a credit card also in the trunk a Xbox remote, hair straighter, Spair cloths for the gym. Thinking it would be untouched cause they had no need to go in the trunk, the repairs were exterior damage. I drop off the car everyone is nice, it’s ready a day early, I call before I pick up the car. As I’m about to drive off I roll the windows down and to my surprise the passengers side window doesn’t roll down. I go inside let them know. They said ok bring it tomorrow the insurance will look at it, I drive next door to put gas cause they left it past E, to turn off my car I have to remove the relay switch in the trunk, so I pop it, go to lift up the hood and it’s missing one of the arms to hold up the hood. Im across the st so I’ll just go back. As I’m putting gas I notice a pair of glasses stuck in the trunk, like they forgot them on the weather sealer and closed the trunk, I proceeded to open the trunk and saw they were protection glasses. That’s when I panicked and looked for my bag, it was missing. The gym clothes the straightener were placed in my back seat. that just confirmed yea they got into the trunk for something , I go back tell the guy that handed me my keys what happened he didn’t look too concerned,he called the manager and relayed the situation. He took the car to the back to run a test on it. He came back saying it was my car the fuse box because I have it rigged it malfunctioned now… it’s been like that for a year never and had problems with it. He says yea it’s ur fuse box not pushing power sorry, and as for the bag “we didn’t go in the rink for anything,I leave, I call customer service they set up another appointment with the adjuster next day. I go in at 12 the adjuster tells me. “well we can look at it, but only repair what pertains to the claim”. I said well on the bill it says you removed the bumper,liner, headlamp, door panel and that’s funny how what u removed the panel now the window or latch don’t work on the inside. So then they take it back to check,. He comes back saying “oh yea we had to go in your trunk cause your car needed a jump ( A true mechanic would know you don’t jump start a Cadillac from the battery, you do it from under the hood) so they lied to me then told me,”yea the latch to the door handle came loose” that’s why it’s not opening. Their fault again and they decided to also replace the button for my window, trying to back their way out of the theft claim I’m sure. So they neglected to tell me the damaged the liner under the motor so they had to screwed it back on. Now door opens and they are ordering a new window switch. I leave out of curiosity I review my dash cam because this time they didn’t unplug it like they did the first time. As I’m reviewing the footage I see them pulling the hood arm from inside the motor.!! Imagine the damage it would of done.! whoever removed it must have been in the trunk, then I see a mechanic pretending to hit my car with a 3ft long screw driver twice the manger proceeded to laugh,then I hear them on the recording them saying “I’m a liar, the bag wasn’t really back there and I don’t look trust worthy and also how I smoke marijuana and forget stuff that I wouldn’t even know the bag was in the trunk. Uh one it cost 1400$ it was an emergency bag. so I would have noticed it missing, just not as soon, thank god for the unfinished work, damage and the glasses telling me to look and I went back right away.

  • I had a slight fender bender that did not break the grill; however, it... read more I had a slight fender bender that did not break the grill; however, it broke the radiator and the check engine light came on. The car overheated on the way to court. This location was less than 1/4 mile away, so I stopped and took a chance. Worse mistake of my week. That is compared to being attacked and having to get stitches, having a fender bender, having to get a hotel and extend my stay and surviving a low-grade tornado that damaged the rental car. This still was the WORST experience. I was treated rudely, up charged for labor after they had my car for 5 days with no callbacks or updates even though I called them daily and was promised repeatedly to advise on what was done or needed. When I got the car back the check engine light was still on. When I inquired about it I was insulted by the owner who told me that the light was off when they finished with it but I picked it up 30 minutes after they closed from their receptionist LaTonya who I texted back to advise that the check engine light was still on and called the two numbers I had for Lawrence with no answer or response back from LaTonya or Lawrence A. Giles. The next day March 14, 2019 when I came back into the shop and began asking questions about the work that was done and upset that my car was running rough and the check engine light was still on I was advised by Lawrence that he understood why I was attacked as I didn't know when to be quiet and that he was doing me a favor. That confused me as he charged me $40.00 diagnostic, then $350.00 parts and labor then an additional $125.00 for additional labor. When I asked for a credit for the diagnostic fees because he did the work four times he finally gave me a $20.00 credit. When I admitted that it was my fault for choosing an unprofessional business that I had not researched due to my car overheating and his proximity to the court where I had an appointment. When I went out to speak with his technician Curtis to inquire what exactly he had done to my car and why the check engine light was on the owner Lawrence told me not to be out there harassing his worker. I was amazed that he felt he could charge me nearly $500.00 on a repair but did not expect me to ask any questions. When they put my car back on the diagnostic machine it indicated CO2 Sensor problems. Curtis cleared it and suggested that I drive the car to see if it came on again. In less than 6 miles the light was back on. I had to go to the dealership to get this car repaired properly. My car overheated and stopped on the dealership technician in less than 2 weeks after the repairs from Action Transmission. The dealership asked if the coolant was added and topped off due to them having to add coolant after the car overheated and stopped on them and if there was a warranty on the work I told them I would try to find out. When I texted to inquire about the warranty on the work done on my car that was never mentioned verbally or in writing I got no response. When I inquired if they filled the coolant like they charged me for I got no response. I will push this forward legally if necessary. My final word is BEWARE of this predator who has little respect for single females who have the audacity to ask questions about what they are paying for. This has been MY experience with this "business" and Lawrence A.Giles.

  • If I could give this place in Euless a rating of zero I would. Worst e... read more If I could give this place in Euless a rating of zero I would. Worst experience ever. They had my car from August 17th until September 27th. Every time I had to call and check on my car Steve told me the same story "We need to paint and put it back together ". I heard this lie at least 4 times over this period of time. Steve also had told me that if I had a different Insurance Company my car would have been repaired quicker. I was tired of all the BS and called the Manager Jeremiah and his story of why my car was taking so long was that he had some people quit. Not my problem, all I wanted was my car. I was having to pay the rent car out of my own pocket, but when my car was not ready on 9/14/17 I told them they were covering the rent because it had already cost me over $800 and now I had to have my car payment put on the end of my car note. They did eventually cover the cost after I had to tell Steve a 2nd that they were covering the rent car. Well finally I got my car on 9/28/17. Was apologized to for it taking so long but was told by Steve that every once in awhile you get a bad apple(was I that bad apple?). Sure was how I took it. Then to top it all off Steve said I would be receiving a Survey and could I give him a good review, because it would sure help him but if I felt like I couldn't, could I not fill it out at all, because if I gave him a bad review because I thought he didn't deserve a good it, it would be bad for him. I'm sorry but did he ever think how bad this was for me when they had my car for like 40 days?!?! I believe not because they made sure I paid them that $400 deductible that they should have ate after the nightmare they put me through. I have been in touch with their Corporate Office and will keep calling them until something is done to reimburse me for the Sorry treatment I received from this place. I wouldn't recommend my worst enemy to this place. Still no phone call from Corporate so they will be receiving a call from me.

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