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  • Came in for transmission service January 2017 and was told it would co... read more Came in for transmission service January 2017 and was told it would cost $600 to look at the transmission. I paid cash, got a hand written receipt, and I told Daniel (manager) to call me with an estimate. He calls me for with the initial estimate of $5000 less the $600 so $4400. I told him to wait for repair so I can talk to my wife, and that I’ll call him the next day. I called him the next day, and he said he’s completed repair of the car. I told him I did not agree to start, so he starts lowering the price to $3200. When I go pickup the car the next day, he tells me one of his porters got into an accident with my car (they said it was the other driver’s fault, which other driver said he was the porter’s fault). Long story short, I ask for owner’s contact info and he says it's private. I contacted him 17 times to get my car fixed (January to end of March). Car was left at the shop for over 1.5 months (tires went low). After which I took the car home and also inspected the transmission and found out the transmission dust cover was missing. I came back immediately and Daniel said he would not install the dust cover & claims it was missing before the repair which he also admitted that he would contact me if anything was out of the ordinary during the repair. After 3 months, Universal finally fixed my car due to the collision but with a very bad paint job/bondo work and missing/broken parts which I had to go back/forth to get fixed. Buyer beware of always negotiable transmission prices and no dust cover being re-installed. If they get into a collision with a customer vehicle, they never gave me their owner’s contact information and their shop insurance to make a claim after repeated requests, so I doubt they are insured. It’s also interesting that my $600 initial cash deposit is not included on my final receipt (only the $3200).

  • I really wish someone would close these jerks down. SCAMMERS CON-ARTS,... read more I really wish someone would close these jerks down. SCAMMERS CON-ARTS, CROOKS, SWINDLERS. In-human idiots that lie lie lie and steal your money. They fix nothing. I brought my car there and paid an arm and leg for them to fix my car and nothing but made it worse. Anyone that reads these reviews and brings there car to them Please call the police immediately. IMMEDIATELY. I wish the police would pay attention to these reviews, go there and shut them down and arrest these thief's. They have a post on Craig's list so beware. Oh that review that someone said their $600 dollar radio was stolen. It wasn't stolen they so called mechanics stole it and lied.

  • KristinareviewedMotorcars LTD

    After exhausting our local options we put the discovery 1 on a trailer... read more After exhausting our local options we put the discovery 1 on a trailer and took it here. Most reviews were good so we thought we were lucky to find one only 5 hours away. We were mistaken. Maybe for maintenance work they would be ok, but to actually diagnose and fix the problem, I would never recommend them. The first time they had it for 2 weeks and $1100 later we had a tuneup, an ignition coil, new ground wire and spark plugs.... and a vehicle that still couldn't make it out of the parking lot. So keys in overnight slot again and it stayed for another 2 weeks. Both times my husband was told it was running well and they had been driving it around. Amazingly after one month and all the "driving" they did, we had 2 miles put on the truck and it still wouldn't get out of the parking lot. All of the things we had already replaced they replaced again... (ignition coil, oxygen sensor...) and wanted to keep it longer since they thought it was the mass air flow (had 2 sitting in the truck since we already went that route) and kept telling my husband the catalytic converters were blocked (3 months old... and would blow leaves across a parking lot). 2 days after trailering it home (another 5 hour trip there and 5 hours back) my husband talked online to a landrover owner who had similar issues. After checking the crankshaft sensor (as suggested) he discovered the 2 wires to/from the sensor were melted together. After fixing that problem it still "missed". So he went to look at the crank position ring and discovered a tine bent over. Because of this the sensor couldn't see it and was missing. After gently bumping the tine back up into place the sensor saw it and the missing stopped. It is running smoothly and perfectly. Now he just has to figure out why, after they rewired it, the front windows wont roll up or down, and the front sunroof won't either. I am not saying these people didnt want to fix it, I am saying that they should admit when they don't know and quit being parts replacers instead of mechanics. Also their master mechanic never seemed to be around, which makes me wonder if he was would it actually have gotten fixed. If you need a tune up, then this really doesn't apply to you but if you need a problem diagnosed you might want to think before sending it here. $2000 later and still not running any different when you pick it up, you have to ask if it is really worth it.

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