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Auto Reviews in the Kissimmee Area

  • TAKE A SECOND AND READ THIS REVIEW !! PLEASE..... So I'm mechanically... read more TAKE A SECOND AND READ THIS REVIEW !! PLEASE..... So I'm mechanically inclined and usually able to fix just about anything that goes awry on the road,....BUT.....when a tire valve(the rubber inflation thing that you put air into) cracked in half !!!(TPMS SENSOR on the inside of rim), are SCREWED !! AAA would be 3hrs to get to me on I-4 in traffic !! Air leaks out fast and leaves you on a rim ruining a tire! With all that said, I limped the truck off the exit and pulled into this business and talked with the main crew member. He was friendly and sympathetic and understanding. He also had 4 vehicles in front of me and was working his butt off ! He worked very fast on one car welding a new muffler onto an import in less than 20 minutes. Guys...cutting the old one out/fitting a new one in/ and the welding into place in 20 minutes is fast ! and like I said,....this guy was good. He and an assistant got my tire off the truck, changed the valve, and "re"balanced the wheel in under 20 minutes ! In the end, he noticed we were Gymnastics coaches trying to get to a meet in Daytona and were sweating the time and being late to the gym meet. We said nothing about it, but we were starting to make phone calls thinking we were going to be late for the meet. He tells me, " hey,'re coaching kids.....that's good stuff.....don't worry about the valve cost....I got charge."......ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? WHO DOES THAT?? This guy is awesome ! I tipped him and his assistant and promised that I would write a positive review for them. Honestly, gives me hope that good and decent people are still here to help ! ....and NO...I was NOT paid to say this stuff, nor is this story a fake ! Thank you again Guys ! you saved the day!!

  • I brought my car in over a year ago for a battery and was overcharged.... read more I brought my car in over a year ago for a battery and was overcharged. My car now would not start up and kept needing a boost so I brought my car back to Four Corners, the battery had a 24 month full warranty and a 5 year pro rated warranty and I was told that I needed to leave the car overnight because it was possible the battery was being drained from something else and that they would check it out. I told them I would leave the battery but not my car and he said he would have to charge me for a new battery but would give me a refund it was the battery. I took my car to auto zone and they immediately said that the battery was no good. I went to Tuffy, they said the battery was no good and exhanged it out for a new battery even though I did not buy the battery there. My car is starting up fine now. I brought my sons car to Four Corners and also had issues. Beware of this establishment because they are not honest and overcharge for their services.

  • A simple inspection was butchered ...They had the VIN completely incor... read more A simple inspection was butchered ...They had the VIN completely incorrect. I would not have written a negative review but when i called to inquire they brushed me off. Their error caused GEICO to drop coverage for 3 weeks????

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