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Auto Reviews in the Clinton Area

  • JohnreviewedEuropean Auto Body

    I’ve used European Auto Body for my cars several times and have been m... read more I’ve used European Auto Body for my cars several times and have been more than pleased with the timeliness, the quality of work, and the price. This shop does excellent work and it’s obvious they take pride in what they do. Specifically, I refer to Mr. Linton Browne, who treats each car as if it’s his own, and who is one of the most customer-oriented technicians I’ve ever met. My most recent repair involved adjusting the position of the passenger-side front fender on my 2008 Corvette. The fender had shifted out of alignment—due to a long-ago previous repair from some other auto body shop—and was hanging up on the front edge of the door, preventing the door from opening. I stopped in one morning to make an appointment with Linton to bring in the car for repair. Linton literally dropped what he was doing, got out a few tools and, in less than ten minutes, he had adjusted the fender perfectly, thereby correcting a door-opening problem that had plagued me for quite some time. AND his price was exceptionally reasonable. Where else can you find service like that? I guess I don’t need to say where I’ll continue to bring my cars in the future!

  • TyronereviewedMark Auto Service

    These days it's hard to find a Mechanic/car repair shop that one can t... read more These days it's hard to find a Mechanic/car repair shop that one can trust to do professional work and customer service. In June 2015 I bought my 2000 GMC SUV Jimmy to Mark Auto Service of Seat Pleasant, MD PROBLEM: engine misfire. hard to start in the morning. Told I needed a fuel pump COST: $500. Two days later, returned with same problem. 'Said' Zaatra (shop owner) now tell me I need to replace the fuel Injector. COST: $540. Return back in 2 days at the shop. Problem not fix. It's has cost me $1040.00 for two misdiagnosed's. I took it another auto repair facility...they were able to discover the problem and FIX IT. Turn out all I needed was a 'TUNE UP' (Spark plugs) MARK AUTO SERVICE refused to refund. As a CONSUMER...I cannot allow this shop owner Mark Auto Service get away without taking Legal Action.

  • janaereviewedAll tune And Lube

    I got my car towed here which I soon found out that it had overheated.... read more I got my car towed here which I soon found out that it had overheated. Before this incident happened I never experienced my car to overheat. I asked them to diagnose my car and they told me the problem. I asked them once this problem was fixed would the car not overheat. Long story short I paid over $500 and it was not fixed, the car was worse!!! I drove from the lot and about two miles down the street antifreeze was literally leaking all over the road and the cat was smoking so bad I thought it was going to catch on fire. I took the car back 3 times and it never got fixed. I came in with it just overheating to the radiator now leaking and the problem not fixed. They would not find out the problem without me paying more money. If I would have known from the beginning there was a major issue I would have never wasted my money. I end up junking the car after replacing the radiator and still had a problem, then took it to n Dodge for them to do am diagnosis. All tune and lube completely got over on me and I talked with the service manner and the store manager. In even called the corporate number only to find out they were a franchise. I was beyond upset and disappointed because I trusted them. I will never go to another all tune and lube or recommend them to anyone!!! I had to junk my car at the end after having it for five years with no major issues!!!

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