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Auto Reviews in the Waxhaw Area

  • ArireviewedHENN Automotive

    Recently, I took a vehicle to Henn's for repair & when I went to pick ... read more Recently, I took a vehicle to Henn's for repair & when I went to pick it up on Friday 3/16/18, one of their employees backed a customer's pickup truck into the car I was driving. What should have been a simple process of filing an insurance claim to repair a fender bender has turned into a nightmare largely due to the false statements & lack of cooperation by the owners Susan and Mike Henn. When the accident occurred, we were told the Henn's were on vacation & couldn't be bothered to talk to us until they returned. We told the employee & the police officer that we weren't leaving without their insurance information & they then provided it. We filed a claim that day & followed up with the insurance company on Monday. We were told at that the Henn's had not responded to their insurance company's attempts to contact them & until they spoke with them they couldn't proceed. My wife called Henn's to ask them to contact their insurance company so we could get our car repairs underway. My wife's phone was on speaker & I heard the entire conversation. She asked to speak with Mike Henn & was told he was with a customer so Susan Henn took the call. Susan was immediately hostile & began yelling that she had just gotten off the phone with her insurance company. When my wife explained that she too had just gotten off the phone with the Henn's insurance company Susan said that the insurance information they provided the police officer was not the correct insurance & she refused to provide their actual insurance details. After telling her we would inform the police that they had provided false information on a police report, Susan finally relented & gave the name of another insurance company but refused to give a policy number. After many more threats to inform the police of their false statement, she finally gave a policy number that ultimately also proved to be false. Throughout the call, she was verbally abusive to my wife & when my wife asked to speak with Mike Henn, Susan said he wasn't there though we'd already been told that he was with a customer. We caught her in many more lies and inconsistencies throughout the conversation. She finally gave us contact information for her insurance agent. When we called the agent we were informed that the insurance policy number Susan had just provided was also false. The agent gave us the correct policy number, so we contacted that company & they informed us that they don't provide the Henn's with that type of accident liability insurance. We went back to the original insurance company who told us that since the Henn's reported they had another policy that covered the accident, they wouldn't proceed unless the Henn's provided them with evidence that the second policy doesn't cover it & the Henn's hadn't provided that evidence. So we had to go back to the second insurance company & ask them to provide that information directly. The original insurance company also let us know that the owner of the pickup truck had not been informed that his car was involved in an accident. (Since there was no damage to his car, the police officer didn't notify him & the Henn's apparently didn't either.) The Henn's refused to provide the pickup owner's contact information to their insurance company so they could work out the claim with his insurance. We had to go back to the police officer & ask him to run the plate on the pickup truck & revise the report so that we could obtain his insurance information & begin the claims process with that company since the Henn's insurance company wouldn't proceed without the pickup owner's insurance company. We're still waiting a resolution. When my wife told Susan Henn that we've been loyal customers since they opened & all we did was bring them our business & come to pick up our car & we'd just like to get our car fixed, Susan Henn responded "I don't care lady!" I think that sums it up entirely.

  • AngelreviewedFairway Tire & Auto

    I honestly wish I could give 10 stars. I have been a customer over the... read more I honestly wish I could give 10 stars. I have been a customer over the past 3years. I'm now taking a second car to them for maintenance and repairs. Everyone here is friendly and available to answer any and all questions. They don't try to sell you unnecessary work. Prices are fair too. Who could ask for anything more? I recommend Fairway to anyone looking for good, honest, thorough mechanics. Angel Williams

  • KerryreviewedPro Rod Auto Repair

    I just came in for some routine service. But got my brakes done also a... read more I just came in for some routine service. But got my brakes done also at a good price. They did a great job.Its hard to find mechanics you can trust thats not gonna rip you off and give you third rate service. I will be taking my vehicles there for now on. Kerry Finney

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