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Auto Reviews in the Portland Area

  • ChrisreviewedHonest Auto Repair

    NOTHING was done correctly. The distributor they took 4 days to put in... read more NOTHING was done correctly. The distributor they took 4 days to put in ended up failing. The “high performance” control module that I bought for the distributor, they promised me was in the car was NOT in the new distributor. It was kept. The distributor WASNT tightened down and you could move it by hand. The valve covers were replaced which I didn’t NOT agree to. They leaked onto the exhaust manifold AFTER I got the car back. That was one of the jobs they recommended they should fix. They just charged me for new valve covers apparently because I ended up with a lot oil on my exhaust that had to be cleaned off again. And I paid another mechanic to do all of this work after I was over charged for the labor. 1200 I paid for basically nothing to be done right and a part to not be returned to me that I was lied to about being in my engine. I won’t be bringing my car back to Arthur’s. And I didn’t not like the response of the guy at the front desk when I told him about this.

  • ElenareviewedAccurate Motorwerks

    Car runs like new. Wish I did.

  • Great Job as always!!

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