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Auto Reviews in the Houston Area

  • MichaelreviewedHouston Wheel Repair

    AVOID *MY WHEEL DOCTOR* OR ANY OTHER OF THE SIX NAMES THEY GO BY..... ... read more AVOID *MY WHEEL DOCTOR* OR ANY OTHER OF THE SIX NAMES THEY GO BY..... 7070 SW Freeway in houston I dropped a set of wheels off to get polished. The description and the pictures they showed me that they had done before were wheels polished on both sides because it is a dually. I came back after the four days they said they would be done and they had only polished one side. The manager George called the owner and they agreed that they would polish the other side because that's how the dually wheels are on rotation. I've been told numerous times in the last two weeks that they were working on it and was finally told that they were done today 04.24.2020. I come to get the wheels and gave the lady a credit card to pay for it. She had no problem taking it. Then I noticed that the wheels are not polished on both sides and just like the first time I came to get them. Now they want $400 more to polish the other side of the wheel. That is not what we agreed on nor on the receipt that they gave me when I drop them off. Didn't feel like going to jail today so I finally agreed to just pay the money and gave them a credit card and now they tell me their machine is broke while I sit here and watch two people pay with credit cards and leave. I know it's a civil matter and will deal with accordingly. AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE COVID!

  • RreviewedLogans Auto

    Can I give 0 stars? I have worked on my own vehicles my entire life, b... read more Can I give 0 stars? I have worked on my own vehicles my entire life, but didn't have time on a short trip to Houston and needed my parents truck repaired (dad had knee surgery, and they are both broke). When I walked in, a transmission vendor was in his shop trying to sell crap and asked him if he's been busy lately--Billy (the manager) said no, they have been really slow. This should have been my cue to leave immediately. I specifically asked "Billy" to diagnose the problem with the vehicle (i.e. hook it up to his fancy computer) and we would discuss repair options at that point. I had also consulted a friend of mine who is a research engineer for GM that specializes on the LS motor line--my friend and I came up with a decent list of possible issues, being fuel delivery or intake manifold problems (which are a TSB). Billy went ahead and told me he diagnosed the problem (which all he did probably was pull the codes using a basic ODBII reader, P0101 and P0300--which I already did) and was sure that the spark plugs and wires were the culprit (the truck couldn't go 50 mph, would barely accelerate and kept missing at high RPM). He also was sure to present me with a $3500 bill worth of items that had nothing to do with the original problem I brought the vehicle there for (engine issue) such as flushing the brake fluid, replacing suspension and steering components, $1500 to replace converters, an alignment, rear main seal, etc. All 100% crookery trying to see if I knew anything and wanted to take full advantage of me. I finally negotiated plugs/wires only, leaning on his expertise and trusting him--what a mistake. He replaced the plugs / wires and fuel filter then charged me $280 in labor to do so (would have taken me 15 minutes) and then said after a test drive the truck still didn't run right! So I paid him for nothing--and was gullible/trusting enough to pay him up front for the work, so I couldn't even withhold the payment. I went back and tried to negotiate with him to diagnose the problem--he refused to do so without another $160 fee. We had a bit of an argument, he and his wife both called me "cheap" and pointed to some other vehicles in his shop indicating that it "costs a lot of money" to fix cars these days, a certian van for example was $2800. Sure Billy--it does cost a lot to fix them at your place, because you don't know what the hell you are doing (or you're a crook and deliberately replacing stuff that doesn't need to be). I ended up taking the vehicle to another mechanic I have used in the past and trust--his LS master tech properly diagnosed and fixed the problem within an hour. It was a leaking intake manifold gasket that caused the entire problem--funny, this wasn't even on Billy's list of 50 items he wanted to replace--that's because he doesn't know what he's doing. Really poor customer service, pushy, not knowledgeable. I also asked some other folks in the neighborhood nearby if they have used Logans auto in the past--they shared similar stories. Many were taken advantage of (senior citizens) that were not knowledgeable in car repairs--they were scared into making unnecessary repairs! What's even more hilarious, this guy has a Buddhist shrine in his office right when you walk in. I think Buddha probably would not approve of Billy's behavior. He will be reincarnated as a rat the next time around, because that's what he acts like.

  • KashifreviewedAMA Automotive

    great service and really affordable

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