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Recent Reviews in the Phoenix Area
  • drew in the service center is the best advisor I have ever met and I w... read more drew in the service center is the best advisor I have ever met and I work in the business! I have had the pleasure of working with him on my VW beetle a few times. Every job he has done he kept me informed through the whole process and always returned my calls! I drive all the way from Surprise for their customer service alone. I always leave feeling confident in my repairs and satisfied with the price. Thank you Andrew!

  • good work fast no deductible

  • OK, long story short, you get what you pay for right. Mike worked o... read more OK, long story short, you get what you pay for right. Mike worked on my Volvo car replacing all 4 struts that were making a clunking noise. He quoted a fair price, did the repair and the clunk still was still there? I called and he came over, after further review it was determined that he FORGOT to replace the bushing above the strut (The guys as BAP missed this also too so OK a tough one). Side note Mike wanted me to buy generic struts from Auto Zone for $250.00 each; I got high performance struts from BAP for $189.00 each, just saying. After buying the new bushings and a motor mount (he noted this was bad) I drop my car off at this house for repair. I get a call 2 days late the car is done so I go pick it up. I get home and do a quick walk around and BOOM a NEW dented fender? I called, he did not answer? I text, he did not answer? I waited 3 days he answered, he apologized and said he FELL on the car (he is a big guy) and he was sorry. He was going to make it right... or I thought so. Back story, I met Mike when I had an electrical error/problem on the same Volvo and he tried to fix it (he charge me 2x and never fixed the issue so I say TRIED). New plugs, some test and 40.00 charge later nothing…. He said how professional he was, how trained he was... kept saying ASE certified and he works for the state as a mechanic. Hell he even drove their truck to my house to work on my car... I bet he was on the clock? Well anyways, I was impressed at this point and I kept using him. As it turns out, the electrical problem was just a bad battery as found by another mechanic... Back to hear and now... so he says he is "A man of my word" and he will make up the damage by working it off... yes he tried to take out the dent/hide it himself so he only made it worse... 800.00 to 1100.00 per Geico and they are CHEAP! So, t

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