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  • This mechanic is a rip off he charged me 900.00 to fix my power steeri... read more This mechanic is a rip off he charged me 900.00 to fix my power steering pump and replace the RACK AND PINION AFTER I PAID FOR THE PUMP WITH MY CREDIT CARD .3 months later the car would not u turn and had steering issues ,after numerouse excuses ( at least 20 re..dr appointments ,wife sick,speeding ticket,ect ect no response his mail box is always full you can only text and he takes a day or two to get back to you .I left car at his residence ,after 3 weeks of no response i checked to see how the car was coming along come to find out he never even tried to fix ! just used the car as his personal vehicle I know this because it had a infant car seat strapped in the back,empty of gas after i left it 1/2 full,clothes in trunk .laptop in trunk and cigarette ashes and fast food trash left inside ,As well as the door for the gas cap completly missing ( i found the door in trunk)And the car was left in driveway when he wasn't joy riding in it for three weeks with the sprinklers on leaving hard water spots front to back. I took the car to a reputable mechanic and he fixed for another 400.00 You would be crazy to hire this guy.

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