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  • SummerreviewedThe Shoppe 2

    My issue accured using my cruise control on the highway, as I slow dow... read more My issue accured using my cruise control on the highway, as I slow down my rpms started idling, the only way to get it to was to barely tap gas and brake to get it stop. I called Pam asked if she know what the problem was got no answer. I called some places looking for a transfer case, pam finally returned my call said it was possibly the transfer case. She asked why I was going to take it to another shop when she would do it for 1000. I told I had 350 now and I'd get the rest in a couple days I dropped on a Monday a week an half before Christmas. I was told from the shop that it should only take 4-6 hours to replace. I didn't get my truck back until Christmas Eve. So not knowing what was really fixed, I took it to get oil change and they informed me my output transfer case seal is leaking bad and I need to take it back to who replaced it. Call the Pams business number it's temporarily disconnected.

  • AdrianreviewedThe Shoppe 2

    My car started dying in heavy traffic, plus my gauge and dash lights n... read more My car started dying in heavy traffic, plus my gauge and dash lights never came on at night. The Shoppe rarely answers the phone. I had to call 2-3 times before Pam "had time to speak with me". Pam said my car's issue was the ECM, quoted a $700 fix and promised I would only pay for what fixed my car. After 4 days, I got my car back. It died the next day. I took my car back that night. This continued through the rest of August, September, and October. Each week, Pam had my car 2-3 days. Pam claimed she replaced ECM, fuel pump, fuel line, gas tank (checked for water), ICM, ignition switch, starter key, security system, computer system, pick-up coil, throttle shaft, and spark plugs. None of these parts look new, plus she had yet to address the gauge lights. I work 20 miles from home. Once, carpool wasn't an option. Pam suggested I get my broomstick. When I was not amused, she said to drop by at 7, and she will have a ride for me. My husband and I showed up to a closed Shoppe, no Pam in sight. I had to take a vacation day. Mid-October, I get a call from Pam stating she found my power relay was shot, plus the manifold intake needed replaced. I paid $1,500 with my credit card. A week later, no receipt, no proof of work done, but Pam claimed the work was done. The parts were obviously the same. No work was done. My car died the next day. The first week of November, I dropped my car off for 4 days. No work was done on my car. I was told to bring it in Monday, not to call, "just show up when I show up". I come in, and another car is ahead of mine because "I was late". Pam says bring it in Tuesday. I showed up Tuesday to tell her why she lost my business after 4 years. Pam had my car for 34 days in 3 months. No dash lights. Car still randomly dies. In November, my battery light came on. A WAL-MART mechanic told me my alternator was bad and "should have been replaced months ago". I also discovered my transmission fluid was like mud and my radiator coolant

  • TjreviewedThe Shoppe 2

    took my vehicle in repair for a service 4wd light, they told me i need... read more took my vehicle in repair for a service 4wd light, they told me i needed a transfer case rebuild, after having it over a ,month they finally finsihed it, but it leaked transmision fluid from the t-case from the day i picked it up from them, the second time i used my 4wd after they repaired it it went out again but worse this time, i took it back to them and they kept it for over 3 ,months making excuse after excuse as to why it was not being fixed, finally after telling them i was going to take it elsewhere and send them the bill the called and said it was fixed, but no 4wd still so i took it to another shop where they had stated the transfer case had been rebuilt wrong therefore damaging my trnasmission also! the other shop was great they fixed it right in 5 days and have not had a problem since! I took "the shoppe' to court and won my case, after months of her not paying the moeny she owes me it looks like I have to take her back again, save the headache and stay away from "the shoppe" i have met many other angry cutomers who had to take their vehicles elsewhere to be repaired correctly

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