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Auto Reviews in the Winter Park Area

  • SidneyreviewedDent Repair USA

    Paul came to my house and basically started immediately. The dent - w... read more Paul came to my house and basically started immediately. The dent - which was actually more of a crease, was from the wheel well to the door. There were some tough areas to fix, but everything looks great now. I would highly recommend using Dent Repair USA. -Sidney

  • I don't even know where to start. OMG. I don't even know how these peo... read more I don't even know where to start. OMG. I don't even know how these people are still in business if they are ripping people off like that or maybe it just happened to me because I am a female and they fully took advantage of me. Long story short, They charged me $700 to inspect my transmission because of a slipping problem with my 2000 Honda Accord (about 60,000 mileages). I figured that it should not cost anymore than $2000 because the dealership quoted the same job for my car for $2440. It turned out that I was so wrong. they asked me $2800. At that point I had no choice or else I would’ve been out of $700 just to take my car to another shop. After I argued that the price was too high, they had agreed to take only $270 off. Finally, I picked up the car late last Friday (4/5/2013), and one thing I’ve noticed on the receipt was the fact that they have charged me $1600 for Labor alone. Anyway, while I was driving home, I smelled and noticed smoke coming out from the hood of the car. I called them the next day(Saturday) to report the problem and they told me to bring it back by Monday. I failed to drive the car around that week end since I didn't want it to stuck with me. Late Monday after work, I dropped the car off and they claimed that it was too hot to check out. Tuesday 4/9/2013, I called them and they told me that the thermostat along with some seals were all messed up and there was no coolant in the radiator, and it would charge me $470 to fix it. Call me stupid but first of my car never had overheating problems before I dropped it off to ScamCo and second, I had service done on the car by Pepboys a week prior to dropping it off at ShameCo. You don't think Pepboys would've indicated that my car did not have any coolant or was overheated? Lastly, Why are you charging me $470 for a thermostat($25-$30) and some Seals ($2.85-$5/each)? As if ripping me off on the transmission's job wasn't enough. Anyways, I just dropped the car off to a nearby Firestone shop and

  • JessicareviewedAamco Transmissions

    DO NOT GO TO THIS SHOP UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR... read more DO NOT GO TO THIS SHOP UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR CAR!!!! I had it towed in Wednesday morning at 8a and didn't hear back from them until today (Monday) at 2p. I called everyday but they couldn't tell me what was wrong with it, yet somehow by day 5 they were able to come up with $1400 (tax not included) worth of repairs. Turns out they were trying to charge me $105.44 per hour for labor and tried to tell me that it was going to take at least 9+ hrs. Called up AAMCO in Merritt Island and they told me that they could do the same as what this shop said was necessary to get my car into a "driving" state for about $850 (with tax and labor included) and that the repairs were only going to be that high if THIS SHOP didn't add any additional repairs that weren't necessary. They shop owner is very friendly until you tell him that you can't afford his price and then its game over. I told him that I was coming to get my E-Pass out of the car and would discuss billing/ repairs and when I said that I could get it done for almost half as much, he turned into a jerk and refused to let me get my E-Pass out of my car. So I was like whatever I will wait until he drives it past the "NO CUSTOMERS PAST THIS POINT" gate and grab it before it gets on the tow truck. The shop owner RIPPED MY EPASS OFF MY WINDSHIELD AND HID IT DOWN IN BETWEEN MY SEATS. When I told him it was missing and that I had just seen it 10 seconds ago he said, "I don't know where it could have gone to. You saw me drive you car up here. Are you sure you had one in there?" Mind you, when he ripped it off he left 2 suction cups on the windshield. So I told him he needs to find it and then 10 minutes later he comes back and says, "Ma'am...its right under the front seat. See it? SEE IT?!?" I could not. He had wedged it between the center console and the drivers seat near the floor boards. He could barely fit his hand in there to get it but said that it just fell off. THIS PLACE IS A HUSTLE!!!! AVOID

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