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Auto Reviews in the Springfield Area

  • nanreviewedAlliance Motors

    My experience with Steve Marler, owner of Alliance Motors has been a g... read more My experience with Steve Marler, owner of Alliance Motors has been a great experience! It is difficult to go to a car lot and be treated fairly when you are a single female. He and his mechanic were both very courteous and professional. I really enjoyed doing business with them.

  • StevereviewedAlliance Motors

    I am the owner of Alliance Motors ---- A reply to Jake F. – Jake F. ... read more I am the owner of Alliance Motors ---- A reply to Jake F. – Jake F. purchased the Lexus IS300 from us and it stopped running on the way home. So I paid to have it towed back to my shop, spent over $600 on new parts on it to fix it (Brand new fuel pump, new spark plugs, ECU, MAF sensor). The custom air intake that was on his Lexus was called a “Swift racing technologies – Cold Air Intake” and after doing research on the internet the company that makes the air intakes – we found TONS of complaints on their intakes by angry customers. The custom air intake ended up frying the ECU to the car and causing other problems. We bought another ECU and removed the “Swift Racing technologies – cold air intake” from his car and installed another factory intake. Before Jake picked up his car, the Lexus has had 3 different test drivers and 9+ hours worth of running time – with ZERO problems. We hooked up our $4,000 computer system and the car was running in closed loop - it was running perfect. When he picked up the car, we explained to him the problems his car was having was caused by the poorly-engineered air intake and faulty MAF sensor that came on it. We warned him NOT to reinstall any of the items back on the car for a short term Horsepower upgrade. The next day he text me and said it would not start so I sent a mechanic down to Branson to fix it for free again. When my mechanic came up to the car he saw Jake and his friends re-installing the air intake. So he just turned around, got in his car and headed back home. I can’t control the actions of people after they leave my car lot. CONCERED CUSTOMERS PLEASE COME BY MY LOT AND I HAVE PRINTED OFF THE ENTIRE CONVERSATION BETWEEN JAKE AND MYSELF. THIS INCLUDES THE TEXT MESSGE WHERE I OFFERED TO GET HIM A NEW INSPECTION SHEET OR STICKER AND I WOULD PAY FOR IT. I ALSO HAVE ALL THE RECEIPTS SHOWING ALL THE NEW PARTS I INSTALLED ON HIS CAR.

  • JacobreviewedAlliance Motors

    Jake F., 04/03/2014Edit Buyer beware Read all the revie... read more Jake F., 04/03/2014Edit Buyer beware Read all the reviews. Neverlost has it right. I bought the 2003 Lexus is300 with about 73000 miles on it. Purchase date March 11. Drove from the lot and made it to Ozark and it broke down. They had the car for about three weeks and said it was ready. Made it to Hollister and it never restarted again. The car had a cold air intake installed when bought. They left the pipe from the throttle body on it and then put a factory air box to the end with zipties. That is not the car I bought. High beams don't work, fog lights don't work, fuel injector is leaking fuel onto the intake manifold,(a fire waiting to happen), they had it inspected but I don't have the sticker,(he says it fell off) Lol.He refuses to get a replacement. It has a one year warranty and he refuses to fix it the right way. They changed the ecm but whoever wired the replaced used plastic connectors and two of the wire was barely connected. So I had a guy fix that part the right way by soldering and using shrink tubing. Had another guy scan it with a snap on scanner and has three codes. And no I was not Putting the piggyback in Steve. Instead of your mechanic assuming and cussing in front of my grandkids and having my neighbor call the cops for speeding down my road 60-70 mph thinking he was a friend of mine in one of your cars you are selling.He could of asked what we was doing since we was fixing his wiring mess and jump in to help fix it. buyer beware. Cons

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